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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[NEWS] A Pink's Namjoo chooses Onew as her ideal partner for 'We Got Married' among the SHINee members

A Pink's Namjoo revealed she has her eyes on SHINee member Onew as her ideal partner for 'We Got Married'!

On the 16th's broadcast of 'Shindong's ShimShimTapa', Namjoo was picked as the member that seems to feel the most lonely. So naturally, with Na Eun being 'married' to SHINee's Taemin, Shindong asked Namjoo, "Which member of SHINee would you film 'We Got Married' with?" 

Namjoo revealed that her choice was none other than Onew as he fit her ideal type of having a good voice and not having double eyelids. She then said in a radio shout out, "Onew sunbaenim, I'd be embarrassed if you were listening, but I've been a fan of yours even before my debut. I think you're really cool and you have a great voice, and I'll continue to listen to SHINee's music a lot."

On this same airing, Shindong also scored a promise from A Pink when he said, "It seems A Pink will win #1 on a music show so let's make a deal." In response, A Pink promised, "While we sing 'NoNoNo' during our encore stage, Bomi will rap fast like Outsider."
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