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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[INFO] Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the First Half of 2013 (Physical Albums)

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the Physical Album chart ranking for the first half of 2013 (January - June) below!

RankAlbumArtistDistributorAlbum Sales
1I Got A BoyGirls' GenerationKt Music285,090
2HelloCho Yong PilUniversal Music229,875
3XOXO (Kiss Ver)EXOKt Music206,812
4Chapter 1 - Dream GirlSHINeeKt Music183,395
5XOXO (Hug Ver.)(Chinese)EXOKt Music172,144
6New ChallengeINFINITELoen Entertainment160,374
7IJaejoongA&G Modes144,927
8Chapter 2 - Why So Serious?SHINeeKt Music129,376
10Grown2PMKt Music114,028
11What's Happening?B1A4Pony Canyon Korea92,564
12Fly HighINFINITE HLoen Entertainment92,394
13One ShotB.A.PLoen Entertainment82,222
14No.1Teen TopLoen Entertainment79,057
15THE CLASSICShinhwaCJ E&M74,101
16YJaejoongA&G Modes62,000
17Break DownSuper Junior-MKt Music51,618
18hydeVIXXCJ E&M41,110
19Sexy BeatMBLAQCJ E&M36,379
20One Of A KindG-DragonKt Music30,460
21TrapHenryKt Music30,213
22On and OnVIXXCJ E&M28,268
23Countryside LifeT-ara N4Loen Entertainment26,669
24MAMAEXO-KKt Music26,364
25I yah (Repackage)BoyfriendLoen Entertainment24,063
26Les Miserables OSTVarious ArtistsUniversal Music22,492
27MAMAEXO-MKt Music21,750
28One Spring Day2AMKt Music20,935
292011 Girls' Generation TourGirls' GenerationKt Music20,113
30 Bigbang Alive Tour: 2012 Big BangKt Music  19,126
31 COLLAGEU-Kiss Windmill Media 18,979
32Psy Part 6PsyKt Music18,412
33First LoveLee HiKt Music 17,746 
34 Grown (Grand Edition)2PMKt Music 17,351 
35 Kim Kwang SeokKim Kwang Seok CJ E&M 17,036 
36 Monochrome Lee Hyori CJ E&M 16,847 
37 2013 Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour  Big BangKt Music 15,628 
38 Super Junior World Tour Super Show 4  Super Junior Kt Music15,440 
39Mystical Ballad  Davichi Loen Entertainment15,430 
40 Give It To Me SISTAR Loen Entertainment 14,631 
41 No.1 Repackage Special Edition Teen Top Loen Entertainment14,603
42 The 2nd SingleMy Name Loen Entertainment 14,287
43Name Is 4minute 4minute Universal Music 14,147
44 Busker Busker 1st AlbumBusker Busker CJ E&M 13,863 
45 In The Wind B1A4 Pony Canyon Korea 13,371 
46 Gone Not Around Any Longer SISTAR19 Loen Entertainment 13,156 
47Hello NU'EST  Loen Entertainment12,345 
48  My LoveLee Seung Chul CJ E&M  12,345
49 ExpectationGirl's Day Loen Entertainment 12,118 
50 Love Love Love Roy Kim CJ E&M 11,720  

 cr: allkpop

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