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Monday, July 8, 2013

[TRANS] 130708 Onew's interview for jTBC's "Sitcong Royal Villa"


SHINee's Onew (24, real name Lee Jinki) will be joining the line of "Acting-dols".

Onew is set to appear in the JTCB Sitcong "Royal Villa (Director Kim Seokyoon)" which will air its first episode on the 15th at 11PM. "Sitcong Royal Villa" is a new genre that combines sitcom and conte. Out of the six skits, Onew will appear in "I Live With a Ghost" as an unemployed young man. He will act out various scenarios he gets involved in while living in the Royal Villa rooftop with a ghost (Oh Chohee). It will be Onew's first time acting on TV. He was able to shake off the pressure and accept the role because it's not traditional acting. Thanks to his musicals, concerts, and various stage experiences, Onew is easily adjusting to the public comedy formatted recording. On the 4th at JTBC before the recording, we met with Onew who told us, "It's my first time acting, so there are many difficult aspects. But I will portray myself well and pull off the role I've been given. I'll enjoy it together with the audience and engage in the filming."

What was it like when you first received the casting offer?
As soon as I heard the casting news through my management, I asked, "Will I be able to do it?" I honestly wasnt confident about it at first since I have no acting experience, but after meeting with the director and reading the script, I wanted to try it out. I was able to gather the courage since it's not a traditional drama.

You have a role as an unemployed character. What will the funny points be?
(Because I'm unemployed and poor) I will wear the same clothes every day (laugh). I think the funniest parts will be when I blurt out nonsensical comments even though I have a chic personality. I hope the live audience and viewers will laugh along with me. I'm not an actor, so I hope people will see me in a good light although I am a bit lacking.

The live audience is watching over you. Isn't it hard?
It's not like that. I've done musicals and performances, so I like being able to work together with an audience. I think it's fun that the audience reacts instantly to facial expressions and dialogues.

How did you practice acting?
At first, I memorized the other characters' (Lee Byungjin, Oh Chohee) lines. But I realized too late how pointless that was. In acting, it's important to follow the flow. I now know the reason why there are script readings prior to the recording. Byungjin hyung, who has more experience than I do, helps me out a lot during script readings and rehearsals. Minho helps me a lot too. It''s been hard memorizing my lines recently because of SHINee performances, but Minho, who has acted before me, helps me out a lot. When I practice, Minho takes on the opposing role and recites the lines.

There will probably be times when you need to do adlibs.
That's right. I have to act before an audience, so I can't put out NGs. If I suddenly cant think of my lines, I may have no choice but to do an adlib. I actually did an adlib during my first recording. There was a moment of silence during the recording, so I did an adlib without realizing. But nobody noticed. It was definitely not in the script, but nobody knew that I did an adlib (laugh).

With Taemin, Minho, and now you, the SHINee members have a lot of solo activities.
It's true that we have a lot more solo activities but they are not our priority. SHINee is currently doing a Japan Arena Tour while managing our separate activities.

K-pop artists solo concerts are surpassing 10 billion in sales and the scales are growing extremely bigger.
I believe scales growing bigger and performances becoming advanced are a good condition. However, the SHINee members, including myself, like enjoying the actual performance more than scales or sales. Going up on stage when it's pitch black gets me nervous and excited which I like. I always think to myself, "Ah, so this is why I perform."

Are you the type to converse a lot with your members on future plans and worries?
Seeing as how we live together in a dorm, we're always conversing a lot. After performances, we talk truthfully about what each of us did well and what we have to fix. We also monitor each other's solo activities.

Your goal for this year.
From the first half of the year into the second, I'll be doing an Arena Tour. I will show a good image as I travel between Japan and Korea. I'll do my team activities and solo activities well and show only a good side of myself to my fans. And please love "Sitcong Royal Villa" a lot.

Source: Ilgan Sports
Translated by: kimchi hana @

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