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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[NEWS] 121127 121127 SHINee thinks Key is the sexiest member

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Popular South Korean group SHINee will be holding a concert on December 8th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Having just performed for SMTown, SHINee has promised that they will be bringing different performances for the local fans at their own concert.

The fans all agree that the sexiest member among SHINee is the muscular man, Jonghyun.

However, SHINee themselves do not agree. Jonghyun joked, “Actually, the sexiest one is Key. He is always hiding that sexy side of him, which is why nobody gets to see it.”

The five boys share a strong relationship
The SHINee quintet have a strong bond. They even go out together when they are not working. Key revealed, “If we’re in Korea, we will meet up with our friends for gatherings. If we’re overseas, we will board the tourist bus together and go shopping!”

Even today, new Hallyu wave groups are debuting non-stop, so how does SHINee maintain their position in the entertainment industry? Jonghyun said, “We have to maintain our own SHINee style. Be it dance or fashion, it has all got to be SHINee style!”

Many fans are curious about SHINee’s secrets towards maintaining beautiful skin. Jonghyun revealed, “Good rest is most important. We are unable to rest well due to our work commitments; therefore it’s very important for us to remove our makeup completely.”

Source: Tang Jie from mypaper
Translated by: debcrazy @

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