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Friday, February 25, 2011

110225 Onew’s predebut and early day’s of debut stories and fan accounts

1) At the fan signing event:
- Fan: Oppa. I made and brought a lunch box (obviously for him).
Nae, Please eat it well.

- Suddenly, Onew was not signing .
Fan: Oppa, why aren’t you signing? Aren’t you feeling well?
ON: Suddenly, I cannot remember my signature!

- Fan: Hello!
ON: Nae, hello… it’s been awhile.
Fan: What? what?
ON: It’s been awhile nuna!!!
Fan: Ah, I am not a nuna… today is my first time coming to the fan signing event… You called me nuna… nuna…
ON: Ah, umm, well, ah…

2) At the Chungwoon university interview:
Interviewer: Are you that Shinee?
Jinki: ??? Nae, I am that Shinee.

3) One day, Onew ran into someone who ran away from home. When he told Onew that he is hungry, Onew gave him a Choco pie.

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  1. Onew ah~~~,, hahhaha,, more funny,,, haha
    forgot his signature... hahha lol...
    waahh... *tired