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Monday, September 30, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee's Interview in H Magazine, September 2013

Korean boy band SHINee made their first appearance in H magazine! Even though their average age is 21.6 years old, they have been in this industry for 5 years. Their Korean debut was in 2008 and their Japanese debut in 2011. SHINee's distinct characteristic is their outstanding skills as artists. Skills that you cannot miss, like their perfectly synchronized singing and dancing and their performances that showcase each one of their vibrant personalities. These features have led them to be one of the top boy bands in their country. Their convincing features and boldness becomes the highlight of everything. You will feel that no one can match up to them once you watch their performance. They released their second album on June 26. Right after that, they showed their popularity by selling out all the tickets for a huge Saitama Super Arena 3-day tour. They have also released their new single "Boys Meet U" on August 21. While they were working their way through both Japan and Korea, we got the chance to talk to them.

It has been 5 years since you debuted in Korea, how have you changed as an artist? 
JH: There are so many things... but our debut in Japan and concerts. The part where we were able to stand on a huge stage was my favorite change of all times.
MH: In performances, it feels different singing our debut songs.
JH: It's not like we got better at it, but more like the time that we've been building up on it. It's like 5 years of experience that comes to life onstage.

It has been 2 years since your debut in Japan. Looking back, how was it?
KY: Personally, before my Korean debut, I had things I wanted to do. And a Japanese debut was one of them. In 2009, a year after our debut, we went to Japan for the first ever fanmeeting. I remember being so nervous. I've also seen our seniors, TVXQ's activities in Japan. So once I debuted, I was like, "This is it.".
TM: In these 2 years, I feel like we've gotten used to Japan's culture without realizing it. Like when we're communicating. Korea and Japan has different systems, so as I perform activities in Japan, I hope I get to learn more about it.
ON: Everything has to do with experience. The more songs we release, the more experience we get.
MH: I feel like we've became more natural. After two arena tours, I've become more comfortable with Japan activities. I feel like we've grown so much.

The arena tour this time came right after the release of a new album, so the fans weren't able to listen to the album much. Even so, the live performances went pretty well. 
JH: I was so surprised.
ON: The more times we do it, the more fun it gets.
KY: The songs people know will increase too.
JH: The differences between world tours and Japanese performances are 1) the language and 2) the behavior of our audiences. The Japanese fans seem like they watch over us carefully.
KY: They seem to know our intentions. They always match our atmosphere every time we change up the stage too.

Is there anything you want to challenge in the future? 
TM: Until now, we've been releasing songs for people around our age. But from now on, including our expressions and the genre of music, I want to try more mature music. I also want to choose more grown-up lyrics.
MH: We can also try the opposite, to step up from what we already have done.
KY: And when we do that, I would like to do the number one trending type of music. If we don't pay attention to it, it won't go right. Dance and fashion is also important. Putting all of this together, I would like to always show our best side.

Translated by: ​Misschatterbox1117 @

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