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Monday, December 24, 2012

[TRANS] 121223 SHINee's interview in SWITCH Magazine, January 2013


They wish to lead this generation in music, fashion, and dance. SHINee claims the concept of "contemporary band" to describe those wishes while they continue to overwhelm the Japanese music market.
The latest image of 5 men who try to develop a showmanship that crosses over national boundaries and generations.

The new single that was released recently, "For 1000 Years, Always be By My Side..." which was penned by Junji Ishiwatari and lit up by the harmonization of those 5 men, is their first ballad to be released as a single. The MV has a storyline based on the song, and was created like a short movie with the same view as the lyrics.

It has been over 1 year and a half since their Japanese debut. How do they feel about their activities up until now?

"I experienced many things and got to enjoy my experiences with a lot of people." (Onew)

"I made a lot of friends. I'm also glad to be able to learn various details about Japanese culture." (Jonghyun)

"There's always something to learn whenever I come to Japan. That's why I always look forward to it each time." (Key)

"Through this year and a half we were able to build on a new career venture. I'm happy about it." (Minho)

"It's good that the distance between us and Japanese fans is now shortened." (Taemin)

This interview was done not long after the single "Dazzling Girl" was released. When asked about the song, Jonghyun, representing the 5 of them, answered, "This is a bright and cheerful song, so I wish that this song will be listened to once, every morning." The other 4 also approved.

"Isn't it good if you listen to it while making preparations to go out in the morning? Like, when you're putting on your make-up or choosing your clothes. Since it's a song about a dazzling girl, I think you'd spend the rest of the day with a bright mood." (Jonghyun)

We had them answer 12 questions that we prepared in order to catch a glimpse of their personalities at the time. We hope that everyone can enjoy each of their answers and give attention to this group who refreshed the self-proclaimed 'contemporary band' concept and took on a new pop sound.

The Newest Contemporary Band

01) What would you do if there's a "Dazzling Girl" in front of you?
02) What was the career point that left the strongest impression since the time of your debut up to today?
03) When and where can you feel the most relaxed?
04) Which SHINee song makes you feel the most excited?
05) A few words on your impression of Japanese fans.
06) What are the difficulties you encounter when singing Japanese lyrics?
07) Tell us one of the "things" that you cherish.
08) What is something that you want to try if you were able to have a long vacation?
09) What is the word that comes to your mind upon hearing the word "love"?
10) Is there anything else that you're absorbed in besides SHINee right now?
11) What is a word that represents the kind of person you are?
12) Let's say we look for SHINee in the dictionary. What do you think will be written there?

01) I think I'll pretend to be cool (laugh).
02) Every first stage in each country.
03) When I'm riding a bicycle.
05) Whenever we take any action, they will accept everything of us each time. I feel that way.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) I guess it's my eyes. Since "seeing" is my pleasure.
08) I don't have any clear idea where the place would be, but I want to go out somewhere.
09) The heart. There's no particular reason, just my intuition.
10) Bicycle.
11) Leisure.
12) A group of 5 members that is the most popular worldwide!!

01) Firstly, I'll make her laugh.
02) The first arena tour.
03) Sport gym.
04) "Ready or Not".
05) Everyone is reminiscent of a youthful girl.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) My blue wallet. There are important things like letters and pictures inside it.
08) Disappear (laugh). Probably turn off my handphone and run away to somewhere (laugh).
09) My mother. Because my mother's love was the first thing I received when I was born.
10) Muscle building.
11) Cheerful.
12) A contemporary band of 5 members.

01) Since I'm going to like someone who resembles me, I'll emphasize on our similarities.
02) Things that happened yesterday. Shot a PV. Things that happened recently always have the deepest impression.
03) Bathroom.
04) "Sherlock".
05) I think every little act of theirs is very delicate.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) Everything that's inside of my bag. Since I always bring a lot of things with me.
08) I want to prepare some time for me to improve myself.
09) It has to be realistic and predictable. But love is unpredictable.
10) Halloween. And it's because this is something that happened recently too (laugh).
11) Free.
12) Contemporary band. And each of the five members' names come after it.

01) I think I will earnestly keep on praising her (laugh).
02) I guess it's when we won the best newcomer in Korea.
03) Inside the car.
04) "Dazzling Girl".
05) They accept us with warm hearts.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) Earphones. I like listening to music so this is a must-have item.
08) Trip to Europe. I want to go to both countries I have already gone to and countries I have yet to go to.
09) Eiffel Tower. Because that's where I want to propose (laugh).
10) Soccer.
11) Outgoing. Positive.
12) Has a lot of popular songs (laugh).

01) I'll make the effort to meet her as much as I can. I'm the type who meets up frequently.
02) Our debut stage.
03) When I go to the sea along with my friends.
04) "Keeping Love Again".
05) They express their feelings sincerely.
06) The pronunciation of "tsu" and "su".
07) I guess it's the bracelet and ring that I always wear.
08) I can't think of anything right away, but I want to do something that usually can't be done.
09) Regret. Something that you regard as trivial, but is regretful when you think about it later.
10) Composing songs and writing lyrics. Because I just started to learn them recently.
11) Optimistic.
12) It'd be great if there's a long list of our awards.

Source: SWITCH Magazine
Translated by: red @

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