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Monday, December 24, 2012

[FA] 121223 SHINee at Music For All, All For One

#1 During a song interval for Dazzling Girl, Kibum happened to walk to the left side of the stage. His eyeballs moved to look towards the left, then towards the right, then he scanned the 2nd floor of the concert hall ~~ kekeke, he has seen our Pearlescent Sea! This lad was happy and smiled~ really cute~

#2 At the end of the concert, all the J-shawols shouted "SHINee" in unison and transformed the public performance into an encore SHINee concert. (SHINee sang Dazzling Girl, Replay, Strange, Love like Oxygen, Sherlock, 1000 years, Juliette, The World with You, Keeping Love again and Lucifer for encore.

#3 Taemin stood at the wrong position in the beginning for Juliette, and was reminded by his hyung (Key) before he corrected himself. | When they first came out, Jonghyun's ear mic had some problems so he went backstage to settle the problem. He then came out after the members shouted for him.

#4 Before SHINee came out, everyone was seated and there was a quiet atmosphere in the concert hall, as if everyone was quietly watching a musical. The most came only in the form of an applause when (the audience) were excited. When SHINee came out, everyone stood up in a split second and instantaneously there was a concert feel to the event.

#5 There was very little talk session today, and there were no MC (this time round), but we could tell that all five of them were extremely prepared, especially Onew and Minho, who were both prepared to speak in Japanese.

#6 121223 Onew x Minho - After singing Juliette, Onew immediately walked to away to get his towel without doing the ending pose. Minho then smacked Onew's butt and gave a (cute) "What are you doing!" expression, hahaha! so cute!!

#7 As usual, Minho is representative of the "black hole" in Japanese (s/n : meaning the one who is bad at something), he did not speak much. One of the sentence he spoke at the beginning "Everyone at Yoyogi is the best! Thank you for giving us such enthusiastic support". In the middle (of their appearance), he said another sentence "perhaps we will be having another arena tour after today, everyone, please come and play (have fun)!"

#8 121223 Yep that's right, a total of 9 songs! They seem as though they are opening a concert right! The crowd was even more enthusiastic than the fan meeting!

#9Order of their appearance performances : Dazzling Girl→Replay→TALK→Keeping Love Again→Juliette→stranger→LLO→Sherlock→TALK→1000 Years→Encore: Lucifer.

#10 "I personally saw Onew pass a towel to Jonghyun and he (Jjong?) picked it up and wiped his face. And after one of the song, both of them squatted in front of the speaker at the same time to drink water, wipe their perspiration and to take their microphone ahhhhhhhhh

#11 Key noted that it was as cold as -9 degrees celsius today. SHINee felt really shy wearing like eskimos. Onew commented : As of last year's June, SHINee has already debuted for 1.5 years, and since their first solo concert was held here so Yoyogi stadium is an extremely meaningful (venue) to SHINee.

cource: K-aten| whoischrisma| imharuharu
Trans by: thpapergangster

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