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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[TRANS] 130429 Key DJ-ing SUKIRA

They were guessing who's the one who forgets choreo/lyrics in each others groups. Dana guessed Minho but Key said no.Then she said Jonghyun and Key pondered awhile and explained that jonghyun-hyung remembers as much as he practices.Key said that Taemin dances well but he forgets moves well too.

Kibum said he went out today and had brunch. Dana asked if he was alone, and he said no, he was with friends. and Dana asked who his friends are. He said "I went to brunch with Younghyun" and Dana asked who Yonghyun is. Key just replied "hahahahhaha if i tell you you wouldnt know either would you???"

He says "people with good bodies since middle school just need to work out a bit and it will get better".

"Jonghyun-sshi... our team's Jonghyun-sshi looks really good onscreen... but in real life.................hmmm.... so-so. Because i see him until before i sleep" (as in see him everyday, all day, 24/7).

Translation: ​faithstar @

Key said that his hairstyle today was hair-dried by himself, and his hair became softer(after hairdrying) so it was easier to manage it.

Key said that everytime he laughs hysterically, he will hit someone's arm without noticing. There was once when he went to watch Harry Potter, and in the movie, appeared a very comical conductor ahjussi. He thought that it was really very funny, so he hit the stranger sitting beside him as he was laughing. And another time was when he was watching a movie with a SHINee member. At that time, he received quite an urgent text message from his manager hyung, so he immediately passed his phone to the person on his right and said, "Yah! Take a look at it", when actually, the person sitting on his right was a complete stranger, and the person on the left was the SHINee member.

Key said that today, in the early morning, he was woken up by the sounds from the rain, so he looked at it through the window and went back to sleep. After that, when he woke up, it was sunny and bright outside, so he woke up to have a stroll and ate brunch.

Key says that he admires people who are born with good figures. He himself has a body type that gains weight easily, but everytime he sees delicious food, he will suffer a lot during comeback periods and not eat much at night.

Key said, "My mother said that an obedient kid will live a long life, so she used to ask me to chew things slowly, to sleep early, and many other relevant things."

Key said, "I have oIly skin, so I am usually troubled over skin related problems. However, I don't use expensive cosmetic items, and I just use the brand that we are endorsing now."

Key said, "For males, having leg hair is an embarrassing existence. No matter if it is too much, or too little, you will feel weird about it." While saying that, a listener sent a message in that read: 'When you talk about leg hairs, it has to be Key oppa!' Key carried on and said, "That is why I will do honey wax hair removal during summer. There was once when we were shooting a commercial in shorts, and I didn't remove my leg hairs, so when I looked at the picture that was taken, I immediately begged the staff to remove it (through graphic effects)"

Key said that his grandfather is a classic type of Kyungsangdo man. Especially as Key is an only child, so his grandfather will always tell him that 'A man should stay out of house chore matters!" However, Key himself feels different towards the common thought that men should not do house chores. The various noonas said, "But the husband is also tired from driving his car." and Key replied, "How tiring can driving a car be? Just help with the house chores."

Key said that whenever Comme Des(Key's dog) wants to eat something delicious, it will drink a lot of water and pee a lot, so that when Key sees the huge puddle of pee, he would know that Comme Des wants to eat delicious food.

Kor-Chi translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng translation: sherylmilo @

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