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Monday, April 1, 2013

[TRANS] 130330 SHINee's interview with @STAR1, April 2013

+You've returned after 1 year. How's it like making a comeback?
Minho: We've released our 3rd album "Dream Girl" after 11 months. It looks like we'll be promoting in Korea for a while this time. Since we spent so long preparing, we have big expectations. I want to make a lot of memories with a lot of people.
Jonghyun: The members were busy doing individual activities for a year. We had various activities, including dramas and musicals. We especially had a lot of schedules overseas. We had an arena tour in Japan. Because of this, it might seem like a long year in other people's eyes but it passed by quickly for us.

+Please introduce your new album 'Dream Girl'.
Onew: Our 3rd album is split into Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Chapter 1, which was recentl released, is filled with refreshing music that is most like SHINee. Honestly, since this is an album we've released the first time in a while, we tried to take the general public into consideration. Chapter 2 will feel completely different from Chapter 1. Should I say it's filled with music we've been wanting to do? It'll give a strong feeling rather than a refreshing one.

+You debuted with a boyish image in 2008, but as days go by, you become more like men.
Your masculinity is particularly evident through your recent performances.
Minho: It's already been 5 years since our debut. These days, we often hear that we've become manlier. Actually, we didn't emphasize our masculinity for the album. Since we debuted at quite a young age, our fans still want to see our boyish image. But as we grow older year after year, we are showing them our natural growth. It's been a year since we've seen each other, so they think of this natural growth as a transformation. Rather than simply becoming men, we want to show our growth and development step by step.

+The name of your title track is 'Dream Girl'. Who are your 'Dream Girls', or in other words, your ideal types?
Onew: I like someone who knows how to pour passion into her work and is enthusiastic about it. I think that's very cool.
Minho: I like someone who pays attention to me. It could mean that she'd be good at taking care of me, but I hope she'd be a woman who always thinks of me even when she's doing her own work.
Taemin: Maybe it's because I'm still young but I don't have particular thoughts about an ideal type. But if I had to choose, it'd be someone responsible.
Key: I like someone who I can project onto, someone who I can see myself whenever I look at that person. The person who gets along with me is my dream girl.
Jonghyun: I like women who are like foxes. But I don't like bad foxes. I hope she's a nice fox who's cute and witty.

+As soon as you had a comeback, both your track and album had an all-kill at 1st place. How do you feel about the good response?
Key: While focusing on our individual activities and overseas activities, we wanted to promote in Korea really badly. We prepared a lot among ourselves and had a lot of expectations. It's been a while, so the good response is exciting and nice.

+Your popularity is definitely high in Korea and even in Japan. What is your secret to popularity in Japan?
Key: I think the biggest reason is because of our constant promotions. Since we try to promote on-site, we had a lot of tours and had many opportunities to meet our fans, so I think that's why we're popular. If Korean fans are very passionate, Japanese fans are detailed, but careful and shy. I can often see them trying not to miss out on a single moment of us.

+Your nickname before was 'herbivore-dol'.
Onew: It's a nickname that complimented our sharp figures. But it wasn't as easy as it seemed to maintain our physique. We used to be 'herbivore-dols' but now we're 'omnivore-dols'. We eat a lot of this and that and work out a lot too.
Minho: I don't have any special body maintenance secret. I work out a lot. Our choreography for this song is pretty intense, so there was no time to gain weight. Compared to our previous ones, it was difficult and we needed a lot of practice for this choreography, so we worked quite a lot. It might have been because of dance practices, but I lost a lot of weight right before our comeback.

+When people think of SHINee, one of the things that come to mind is the difficult choreography.
This time, the dance with the standing mics is a hot issue.
Taemin: When we first started to practice, we really had a hard time. We bumped into each other a lot and had accidents. Mics fell, legs got bruised. We had a really hard time. Since we have a lot of live shows, we worked hard not to make mistakes. I think we practiced many more times than we normally do. For this choreography, we focused on approaching the public easily but still emphasizing SHINee's color. 'SHINee can even do that?' is the type of feeling we want to give.

+You debuted in 2008 and now you're already 5 year old idols. How do you feel when you look back?
Jonghyun: It feels like it hasn't been that long (since we debuted)... 5-6 years is definitely not a short time, but the time passed by so quickly. We've ran without a moment to rest, so time passed by quickly as well. It feels like we debuted just yesterday... It really seems like a dream.

+What's the difference between SHINee and other male idols? If SHINee has their own color, which one would it be?
Jonghyun: We've worked with a lot of foreign composers, so we've been seasoned with pop and have released creative songs. The members aren't afraid of challenges but rather enjoy them, which is why we're very 'open', even with style. Wouldn't this point be SHINee's personality?

+Jonghyun's unique wit and humor on SNS is a hot issue among fans. What do the other members think of Jonghyun?
Onew: He's original. He's the member who will make it big in variety one day.
Minho: I'm jealous of how well he tries to communicate with fans. I'm not good at SNS, so I think he's pretty amazing in that aspect. When I see some of his jokes, I get surprised a lot of the times because he's so original.
Taemin: You can't stop Jonghyun hyung on a day when he gets his "feel". When we're tired and Jonghyun hyung makes us laugh, we gain strength. 'Exploding in laughter' is the right phrase. I think, 'How did he come up with that kind of line?' There are many times when I get really surprised by him.

+When 5 guys are together, there will be fights from time to time. What is SHINee's own secret to teamwork?
Onew: Our teamwork is 'Nirvana'. We try not to fight at all and we respect each other for sensitive things. We try not to open Pandora's Box at all and don't even focus on it.
Minho: Rather than keeping it burying it in our hearts, we speak up at that time. We know each other's personalities well now, so there's barely anything to fight about.

+Maknae Taemin debuted at the young age of 16 and now he's a young adult. How do you feel?
Taemin: I feel like I was a first grader in elementary school that's now graduated. When we first debuted, I looked at sunbae artists and thought, 'When will we be like that?', but time passed by in the blink of an eye.

+There are many fans who have waited for SHINee to return. Send your regards and greetings to your fans.
We may be able to promote a lot in Korea and for a long time this year. It'll be good to look forward to. We will show SHINee's own 'poison'. Please give us a lot of love.

Source: @Star1
Translated by: kimchi hana & jennyjjong. @

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