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Friday, April 26, 2013

[NEWS] 130425 SHINee takes part in idol quiz special of MBC Infinity Challenge

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SHINee will be appearing on an upcoming episode of MBC's variety show "Infinity Challenge".

Recording for the show is taking place at the 88 Gymnasium in Hwaguk-dong, Seoul. Fifty idol group members will take part in the filming, making up an episode that holds one of the largest group of guests on the show so far.

This special episode of Infinity Challenge will function as an idol quiz show, featuring idol groups as guests alongside the permanent cast. Fans of varieties may take notice of the resemblance between the special and KBS Challenge! Golden Bell, another popular quiz show.

Recording began on April 25th and will continue on May 2nd of next week. Groups with members participating include SHINee, Teen Top, Infinite, B.A.P, After School, Secret, 4minute, Girl’s Day, and G.NA.

Source: Osen, Soompi
Written by: joAnnwashere @

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