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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[NEWS] 130417 SHINee and f(x)’s Victoria get classy and sexy for ‘High Cut’

SHINee and f(x)‘s Victoria had fans doing a double take as they took on a classier image for their latest ‘High Cut‘ pictorial!
SHINee effortlessly pulled off the ‘handsome male idol’ concept with their suits and ties, yet leaving their chests bare foregoing their shirts. Minho and Victoria also became the ultimate eye-candy couple with their back hug pictorial that left fans awed at their visuals, while also a bit jealous.

The labelmates who’ve known each other since prior to their debut also opened up about the changes they’ve noticed in each other through the interview. Victoria shared, “When I look back, they’ve all become more mature. At the time, all of the members seemed like cute dongsengs but they’re men now.” SHINee also revealed Victoria’s transformation as they said, “Victoria used to only able to say ‘Hello, I am Victoria’, but she can speak Korean so well now. This is the power of broadcasts.”

Taemin also revealed the group’s intense workouts for the “Dream Girl” choreography, “Prior to learning the choreography, we worked on our stamina. The choreographer would make the hyungs do a warm up with push ups saying, ‘You have to do this in order to carry out the choreography’, and we did 100 push ups daily.”

Minho reflected on how they changed since their debut sharing, “We’ve worked on becoming more comfortable on stage. When I look at our videos at the start of our debut, I look at us and think we’re cute.” Key added, “I can’t get myself to watch those videos. I start to feel the anxiety I used to feel before going on stage telling myself, ‘You can’t mess up. You have to perform well.’”

Unfortunately it seems Jonghyun was also absent from this pictorial due to his nose injury. We hope to see him back soon towards the latter half of SHINee’s promotions at least for their upcoming album, which will be revealed on the 29th.

You can catch more photos from this photoshoot through the release of ‘High Cut’s latest issue on the 18th!

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