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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[NEWS] 130410 SHINee draws their Dream Girl in exclusive interview with Taiwan's Love JK

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An exclusive interview with popular South Korean idol boyband, SHINee, will be broadcasted on Fox's entertainment channel, LoveJK, at 7pm (GMT +9) on April 10th. The five member boyband revealed their ideal types for the first time, and even took to pen and paper to draw out the physical appearance of their Dream Girl. However, the resulting drawings induced much laughter from the staff.

The 23 year old leader of the group, Onew (whom fans address affectionately as Dubu), showed off a weird drawing of his ideal type, which led to his fellow member and main vocalist, Jonghyun, saying, "It looks like a ghost."
On the other hand, the group's athletic rapper, Minho, drew what he loves to see a girl doing. In an attempt to depict a girl brushing her long hair to the back of her ears, Minho's drawing resulted in Jonghyun commenting, "I thought it was a ghost!" With comments like that, it just proved that the two members are not particularly skilled in the drawing department.

SHINee enjoys a high level of popularity in Taiwan. With the release of a new Korean album, LoveJK made their way to Korea to interview the five members. Throughout the interview, the chemistry and good relationships between five boisterous boys-turned-men was evidently shown. But despite all that, there was a huge difference between each of their own individual types.

The charming and well-built Jonghyun expressed that his ideal type has to be very manhwa-esque. He elaborated further on his high expectations. "My ideal type is one that must have the big round eyes of the girls drawn in manhwas. They have to be so big that they make up half of her face. She has to look at me shyly as well. It would be great if she had round, rosy cheeks that make her look like she's a squirrel eating nuts. Apart from small cherry lips, she needs to have a nose that is shaped like a rice cake (ddeokbokki)."

With standards as high as Jonghyun's, the group's dancing-machine and maknae, Taemin, hopes to find a girl whose philtrum complements his. "My philtrum is of a concave shape, so I hope to find a girl with a complementary convex-shaped philtrum."

SHINee's vocalist and rapper, Key, who is known for his friendliness and numerous talents, made an impressive drawing with his artistic skills. With a stroke of his hand, he drew a lovable girl with short-hair, who looked very much like an adorable cartoon character. "Actually, it doesn't matter if she has long or short hair. What's important is that she has be friendly, obedient, and loves me a lot." With such a description, it clearly shows the traditional views Key has towards relationships.

The host of LoveJK, Wu Jian Heng, expressed with much thoughtfulness that he would help the members of SHINee find their Dream Girls with their drawings.

Source: Sina News

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