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Saturday, April 13, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee's "TALK 5 YOU Vol.6" Interview in JILLE Magazine, May 2013

JACKET - Five men, five different ways to coordinate jackets for spring!
The well-received series is already at the last part. Finally all 5 members of SHINee are here! Fashion and things they went through until now - they let us know about various things! Until the day we can meet again.....

Sense and wit is important in styling up a jacket
Jonghyun: This month will be the last issue for this series, right? It's refreshing to have different concepts each time and to shoot with only two of the members, it was fun.
Taemin: We had various sides of us shot and I'm glad that they're able to be shown here.
Onew: We wore jackets today and it was good since they are warm, aren't they? (laugh)
Minho: Or rather, it was hot!
Key: Today, I don't know whether it's intended to be so or not but the jacket that I wore had a few creases and I like that. Jackets usually have a classic image but those creases made me feel like taking a step away from that image.
Jonghyun: We wear jackets quite a lot as part of our stage outfits too and I think the fitted feel that they give is important in jackets. If you were to wear another outerwear piece over it then you might look fat, so I like the ones that sort of fit to my body.
Onew: It could be weird if you button all the buttons just because they're there, right? You can decide to button them or not based on the surrounding atmosphere.
Key: Also, compared to other clothes, jackets can give you a mature feel. In the case of people around our age wearing jackets, it's better to be a bit witty to look different from adults. It's preferably a wise choice to bring out your individuality by making it look a bit different from the usual look.
Jonghyun: That's right. Probably, a good sense is necessary to wear it off stylishly. And wit is important too, just as Key pointed out.
Taemin: Since the season is getting warmer, I wonder if there will be more jacket styles instead of coats? Rather than jackets, I prefer something that reminds you of spring, like knitwear or clothes with bright colors. How about everyone else?
Key: I think cardigans are convenient.
Onew: I guess I'm more into casual, like T-shirts. On top of that, I'd hang a jacket over my shoulders.
Jonghyun: I think I'd choose printed T-shirts with jackets too. I can get through the weather with just a long sleeved T-shirt since I'm not sensitive to coldness though.
Minho: A thin jacket is suitable for spring, right? But I think having a style with a scarf wrapped around your neck is good too since it won't make you seem cold. Guys, is there anything that you want lately?
Jonghyun: Since spring is the season of beginning I think I want watches. It's an item to match with clothes, so I want a variety of styles of watches so that I can match it with my mood for the day.
Onew: It's shoes for me. I think my range of coordination can be wider if I have a lot of shoes with different colors, even for leather shoes.
Taemin: Shoes also represent "a new departure", so it's a perfect match for spring, right? I want shoes too. Black ones..... or if not black, it can be white sneakers too.
Minho: I think it would be nice to have caps/hats since the sunlight is going to be stronger. Preferably a simple style so that I can match it easily with other clothes. A casual one to wear everyday.
Key: I'm targeting bracelets because it's going to be a season where we can show our arms. It's fun to be fashionable in spring so I think there's a lot of things that I want.

During busy times, hanging around bustling streets is enough for diversion
Jonghyun: Though fashion itself is good, when it's getting warmer you'd feel like going for a vacation, right? I want to go to Okinawa.
Key: The sea is beautiful, right?
Jonghyun: Let's go together!
Taemin: Though you need proper holidays for a vacation, during busy times you can divert yourself just by hanging around bustling streets. I want to go for a walk.
Onew: That's nice. I want to take a picture with you guys at the very center of Shibuya scramble crossing.
Minho: If the weather is good, then even a park will do just as well. After all, we've never been to any park in Japan even once.
Jonghyun: If it's in Korea, then Hangang will be nice. Hangang is beautiful through all the seasons but it's a perfect place for a walk when it comes to spring.
Key: Yup. If you go to Hangang, you can also find out how much Koreans love to jog too (laugh).
Minho: Garosugil is nice too. You can see all kind of spring fashion there. There are a lot of restaurants too and walking through the street itself is fun.
Onew: In Myeongdong there are a lot of people who work at the shops there who know Japanese, so I recommend to go there first. There are stalls too, so you can eat as you walk.
Taemin: If you're considering somewhere outside of Seoul, the Busan seaside is nice too. Every region has its nice places as well.

I want to present awards to all members who worked hard!
Minho: I can't believe that it's been almost 2 years since we debuted in Japan. Time flies really fast! Arena tour left a deep impression in me. I was so touched that so many people came to the concerts and we had people all over Japan supporting us.
Jonghyun: I'm looking forward to our next tour too. We have changed within these 2 years, haven't we?
Onew: Yeah. At the beginning we didn't know the words so we couldn't be carefree but now we can be a bit relaxed and I feel like a burden on my shoulders is being lifted. (Laugh) It feels strange that now, even if people talk to me in Japanese, I've come to not get flustered and am able to converse in Japanese.
Key: Agree.
Minho: I feel like presenting awards to all members who worked hard to come to this level. I guess it's the "went through hardships award".
Key: I will give Taemin the "keep forgetting things award".
Taemin: Key's would be the "fashion award", right? He would take a new fashion item and create a fashion for the 21st century.
Key: But it's been a long time since we entered the 21st century! (laugh)
Onew: Huh? You don't like it?
Key: The important part is who is the one that presents the award!
Taemin: So who would you like to receive it from?
Key: Karl Lagerfeld (laugh).
Jonghyun: I want to give Minho the "went through hardships because of drama filming award". He went through outdoor filming a lot so he couldn't return to our dorm but I heard from the staff that he really went through difficulties.
Minho: You just mentioned something that makes me happy! So then, I want to give an award to such Jonghyun. "Sherlock" has a wide range of pitch, so you had to sing it in a very high pitch, right? You took a very good care of your throat during recording, so I'll give you the "took very good care of the throat award" (laugh).
Jonghyun: Thanks!
Onew: I'll give Jonghyun a "gave a shock to others by shopping too much award".
Jonghyun: We should give an award to Onew too!
Onew: I don't need one.
Minho: No way. Everyone should get one each.
Taemin: How about a "delivered the lyrics precisely award"?
Minho: He was the best when it came to gestures on the stage and being expressive. He was especially great during "Sherlock". He was superb, enough to even be acknowledged by our choreographer.
Onew: Never thought I'd get an award because of dance!
Minho: So with these awards we acknowledge that the members have worked hard. Let's continue to work hard together for our activities in Japan in the future. We already did a lot of things within such a short time frame but [it still doesn't feel like enough, so] I hope that we can try a few more new things!

Q&A for SHINee
Q1. What is the thing that you want right now?
Q2. What is the thing that you find is hard to deal with/you're weak at?
Q3. What is your favorite color?
Q4. What is your stress relief method?
Q5. What is the thing that you must carry around with you everyday?
Q6. We believe you move around a lot, so how do you spend your time in the plane?
Q7. If you have a proper holiday what do you want to do?
Q8. Please leave a message to readers of this series.

A1. My personal space
A2. Being urged to hurry up, being talkative, exaggerated things
A3. Yellow
A4. Sleep
A5. Mobile phone
A6. Sleep
A7. Going for a trip and take a good rest
A8. I'd be glad if everyone always be in happiness
Little message
from JONGHYUN - Please cheer up
from KEY - Let's hang out together!
from MINHO - Let's play billiards
from TAEMIN - Thank you for your continuous hard work as a leader

A1. My personal secret hiding place
A2. I'm not good in lying (laugh)
A3. Black, red
A4. Singing songs
A5. Perfume
A6. Sleep
A7. I want to go to a pension, have a barbecue, and swim there.
A8. Please love SHINee a lot! Have a nice spring!!
Little message
from ONEW - Where are you now?
from KEY - Stop with your muscle training already!
from MINHO - Let's exercise
from TAEMIN - To Jonghyun who is always busy regardless of whether he's at work or in private, fighting for tomorrow too!

A1. A durable diary, even if it is a bit expensive. The reason is because it is a thing that I'll carry around for one whole year so if it's of bad quality then it will be breakable easily.
A2. I'm not really good in asking for forgiveness and saying "Sorry"
A3. None in particular
A4. Meeting friends, music, images, pictures
A5. Mobile phone, eye drops
A6. Listen to music or watch movies
A7. Vacation, resting
A8. Please continue on watching over SHINee in the future too.
Little message
from ONEW - What are you doing?
from JONGHYUN - Cheer up
from MINHO - Let's shop together
from TAEMIN - The new fashion icon for 2013, it's you (laugh)

A1. Earphones
A2. Waking up early
A3. Black, white
A4. Exercise, soccer, basketball
A5. Mobile phone, MP3 player
A6. Watching movies, reading
A7. Trip (Europe)
A8. To all fans who love us, also to everyone who knows about me for the first time, I ask for a lot of your support and love in the future.

Little message
from ONEW - Boring (laugh)
from JONGHYUN - Take it easy!
from KEY - As I'm watching you I become happy as well!
from TAEMIN - Let's play a soccer game!

A1. Snacks for pet
A2. To start a conversation with someone whom I meet for the first time
A3. Brown
A4. Exercising or meeting friends
A5. Mobile phone
A6. Sleep
A7. A trip with friends?
A8. To all readers, I hope that you will always be in happiness and good health as you live a good day everyday.

Little message
from ONEW - How many points? (Game)
from JONGHYUN - Can you please help me?
from KEY - Let's go to amusement park!
from MINHO - Let's play a soccer game

Source: Jille Magazine
Translated by: red

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