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Saturday, July 23, 2011

[FAN ACCOUNT] 110722- SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception in Fukuoka

Fans were counting down “5,4,3,2,1” as it was shown on the screen!! When it reached 0, the boys came out!! Suddenly, they started singing Replay~

Each one of them stood in front to sing during their solo part. As I stood in the 2nd row, in the middle, it seems as if I was just an arm length away from them!!! Minho oppa did a wink and everyone started becoming more lively.

As fans were too loud, their voices couldn’t really be heard and the show started without any introduction session. Taemin passed his microphone smoothly~ After that, Hello started suddenly! Really thought that a human being couldn’t have such nice skin as Taemin’s!

When they sang Replay, I didn’t really observe them as I was too nervous but I tried calming down a bit during HELLO. Indeed, it was SHINee! Super great! They were too good looking, I started to doubt whether I was a woman or not.

After HELLO finished, a female MC came on stage to replace SHINee. Then staffs prepared seats for them so they sat down and started their self introductions~ During that time, I was nervous so I couldn’t really remember except Taemin being quite cute and interesting.

Also, because Onew didn’t speak much and finally wanted to speak, Key interrupted so they both immediately let each other speak first and cracked up. Fans also told Onew to “keep trying!” and he started laughing again.

After that was a talking session and we watched SHINee’s debut video that was recorded in London. As SHINee was looking at the monitor, fans could only see their backs. Indeed, Key sweated the most. Only Key had his shirt opened so that his sweat could dry up as he watched the debut video, cute!

A short talking session followed and it was already the last song!!! It was the last song they sang in London, that Replay version!! It was really good! Everyone had a mic-stand and started singing. Everyone sang with their eyes closed with lots of feelings. If you listen to it for the first time, you’ll definitely cry!!!! Even if it wasn’t my first listen, I cried too!!! Really want a CD version~~~~

When the song finished, the 5 of them stood at the front. From the start till end, Onew was still waving to fans. Indeed, SHINee is the best~~~

source: shineebloom

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