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Friday, July 22, 2011

Translation excerpts from SHINee’s appearance on Fukuoka Love FM Radio Program

The radio broadcast mentioned about Taemin’s birthday party which was held a few days ago, Taemin: Spent my birthday with fans, also received presents from members at the dormitory. Received presents like cologne, shoes etc, Onew and Key didn’t give me presents = =|| Onew said: Taemin wait a little while more. Key said: Didn’t I give you a T-shirt last year..

Key: Taiwan’s bubble tea are really very delicious! There’s even pearls in the bubble tea! And there are lots and lots of pearls, really a lot a lot of pearls! And, it’s very cheap!

Back to the topic of birthday presents, Key said: Everytime I ask Taemin what he wants, but this time he didn’t reply = =. (Actually he’s trying to find an excuse) When Taemin was asked what present he would like to receive, Taemin said jeans. Asked about Taemin’s favourite food, Taemin said it’s a spicy crepe he ate at Singapore, a little spicy a little sweet crepe.

Key was super excited when he was able to meet Lady Gaga at MTV VMAJ. Key: I was the most nervous. Saw her! Saw her! During the radio broadcast Key called himself ‘watashi’ which is commonly used by a lady calling herself, most guys used ‘boku’.

On the topic of VMAJ in Tokyo, Onew: Really happy to see a lot of fans and wasn’t very nervous to perform on such a huge stage. Taemin: Would still feel a little nervous even when performing on a stage in Japan now.

When introducing their Japan debut CD, Key said: Hello is very suitable for SHINee’s image, a very pure feeling. Replay also fits SHINee’s image which will let one’s heart beat faster…

Key used a mixture of Korean and Japanese, his Japanese is really very good. The other 4 members said yoroshiku onegai shi masu etc. Then Key said in Japanese: Then we see you tomorrow!

Source: lovtacchon
English translation: eimanjjong

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