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Sunday, July 24, 2011

110724 Minho's,Key's and Onew's UFO Replies(15,20,21,22 and 23/7)

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[Fan to Key] Your Japanese skill is improving!! Really good~~ㅎㅎ
[Minho] I think he’s really good too ㅎ KongKim ^^
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[Fan] Taeminah~ We need a serious talk. Meet me
[Key] No way

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[Fan] Hundred times a day~ I dream about it!
[Minho] Waiting for you to come! ㅎ

[T/N: I think they’re singing f(x)’s Chu~ ]

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[Fan] I miss you (feel like dying)~ But I hope you will comeback only after the test. I’m sincerely asking… ㅠ
[Minho] The test is nearly coming…. Be strong! About the comeback, it would be before or after…

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[Fan] Babies ah~ Is the weather in Japan ok? The typhoon just came, right? I’m worried ㅠ
[Minho] Don’t be worried ^^ We’re fine~~~
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[Fan] If you meet Buddha at the market, what will you say?
[Minho] Wa… so… my sense is not good as yours… I don’t know ㅠ
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[Fan] Today, all of sudden, I cut my hair from the waist to the shoulderㅠㅠ now regret ㅠㅠ*huk*
[Minho] Um… I think long hair is nice...


[Fan] It’s so hard for me to like sports ㅠ Help me!!
[Minho] But I found it interesting right from the start… How can I help you?

[Fan] Really want to see SHINee on Korea stage as five, quickly!
[Minho] Ah… We will comeback soon, as five ㅎ

[Fan] It has been a year since Lucifer comeback ㅠ So fast
[Minho] It has been a year already?

[Fan] Curious about the members’ current weight. Why there’s no information about it? ㅠ
[Minho] Cus it’s a secret ^^

[Fan] I’m on a diet but now still eating small snacks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠQuickly scold me so that I don’t eat again ㅠㅠ
[Minho] Occasionally (eat) is ok

Translated and Posted by NhiAngela/[N]hi_[R]ie @ SHINee Thread on Soompi

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source: shakizi
eng trans and posted by: vivz @ SHINee Thread on Soompi

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