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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

110426 SHINee has started filming their Japan PV

SHINee has started filming their Japan PV today. The photo is supposed to be the location for Jonghyun & Yoona’s parts. The coffeehouse is ‘cafe de marionette’. Apparently Jonghyun sang to Yoona. Onew is a sculptor. 2 real Arts students participated in Onew’s scenes. Minho is filmed doing what he’s most famous for: sports ie. basketball (sure he’s good at that too). Key is a designer while Taemin is a dancer…

It’s almost confirmed that their 1st Japanese single will be the Japanese version of ‘Replay’. (I was hoping for original Japanese songs but I guess it’s not so expensive if they ‘recycle’ the songs)

Unconfirmed news: SHINee will make their debut in June (should be since SHINee already did the photoshoot for Elle Girl Korea & Japan June issue). Official news release may be out by Wednesday.

source: woshiyuanzi
credit :- soompi

Information is hard to come by, but a very brief overview on their comeback has leaked.

The song is described to be a retro-style disco dance sampled beat with modernized synthesizers with slight undertones of the current electropop scene. The song is said to be called “Rolling Luv” but the title is subject to change.

Very brief information about the video has surfaced. Apparently they emerge from a limousine on to what looks like a red carpet, but is a roller rink. Inside, Yoona from SNSD is sitting at a table and is asked by Taemin to skate with him. Not much else is known.

credit: kodakumi @ tumblr
via: ShawolsSHINee
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