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Monday, April 25, 2011

110425 From F(x) Thanks to in Pinocchio Album

Victoria: Ever shining SHINee sunbaenims~ Ex-’athlete’ Minho, Jonghyun-ah hope your leg gets healed soon~ Fashionista Key, Always funny Onew, Taemin who’s become a cool guy!

Sulli: Shining Minho oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Beomkey oppa, Taemnie oppa, Jinki oppa

Krystal: My blood brother Jjong

Amber: Fashionista Keybeom oppa, Jonghyun oppoa~, Beast Minho oppa, Prince Taemin

cr&trans: jujugal : soompi 

 *luna's thanks to still hasn't been translated so we can't tell if she thanked any of the shinee boys.
admin~nuha <3 bb~

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