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Thursday, April 21, 2011

110421 SHINee mentioned in F(x)'s Thanks To for Pinocchio Album 110420

only SHINee related part..

Victoria's Thanks To:
  The sparkling/shining SHINee-sunbaenim, Minho who comes from an athletic background, also Jonghyun, whose leg injury must quickly get better! “Fashionable/Fashion-star” Key, the always hilarious Onew and the handsome man, Taemin.

Kor-Chi Translation: Winnie and Song Qian Baidu
Chi-Eng Translation: POGA @ khuntorialurve

Amber's Thanks To:
 BoA noonaㅋ miss you! Siwon oppa, Kyhyun oppa, Sungmin oppa, Zhou Mi ge, Jungmo hyung, big sis Sooyoung unni, Yuri unni~ stop waking me up in the morning!, Sunny unni who’s like a real sister, Tiff, Jess, Taeyeon unni, fashionista Keybum oppa, Jonghyun oppwa~, beast Minho oppa, Prince Taeminㅋ, my friend(s) Jinho, Junmyeonnie oppa, Jongin, Moonkyu, Chanyeol, Gyungsoo, K.Li, Yixing, Minseokie hyung, lovely Seungyeonnie, best best best Soojung, Heesoo tissue, Choying, Joohyun unni, teddy bear Seulgiㅋㅋcompany/office senior and friends, thank you all!!

Translation credits: thepinkstring/chilloutbox @ twitter :- SWM
admin~nuha <3 bb~

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