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Monday, April 18, 2011

110418 Key’s Artworks are on display in his uncle’s Art Exhibition

Recently, it was spotted that Key’s artwork was on display in a museum in Seoul. It was later known that it was his uncle’s Art Exhibition and some of Key’s Art Works were on display in the art exhibition.

Art is already in his blood~

Messages to Key on Guestbook

From his aunt and mom~

From Key’s Aunt:

BongBong Ah~ (HAHAHA! So his nickname from his aunt is bongbong?!)
All your thoughts were expressed on your artworks.
Lemon-liked bongbong, must stay happy!

From Key’s Mom:

Our dearest son is the best!
I believe there’s no limits to your ability.
I hope you’ll not stay on the same spot,
But always achieve new goals and challenge yourself.
Become a handsome Artist who is always looking forward to change~

From Jonghyun


Kibum ah…
You this guy really do everything..
It’s not bad.. Tears… keke
Anyway it’s filled with pretty guys here.
You must also become prettier.. eh?
No.. What I mean is.. You need to.. keep improving..
You, this idiot, Fighting!

From Shindong

Key’s Signature

Translation Credit: SHINeeWorld SG
Picture Credit: DCinside : SWM
admin~nuha <3 bb~

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