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Thursday, April 28, 2011

110428 SHINee Replay Japanese version PV filming FANACCOUNT (UPDATE)

- There was 'part time job wanted' for shinee mv yesterday. 1 k-shawol was picked. She said Onew wore red diesel undies. Minho kept saying "JINKIBUM keep dancing wrong~". T.T

- The director called each member's name for their screen time. When it was Key's turn, the director made a mistake and called Onew instead. Key was frowning and Onew danced as if it was his part because he was called. The director apologized to Key after that but Onew was like "I thought it was my part when you called me. so I danced better~"

- Right after Onew entered the studio, he bowed to everyone (i mean every single person). He even bowed to the k-shawol right in front of her saying "annyunghasaeyo~"

- The director kept smiling when Onew smiled while filming as if he was Onew's dad.

- When Key heard a dog crying, He was like "Kkya~~~ too cute~~~" and he petted a cat saying "naviya~ (typical name for cats in korea) long time no see~"

- Key immitated Christina's (the girl from Misuda) voice, like how she speaks korean and laughed at it.

- Minho sat on his coordinanor's lap.

- Key stared sharply at a camera for 5 seconds. Jonghyun asked what he was doing and  Key shooked his head (came back to his mind?) and smiled like a puppy 'hae~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`' at Jonghyun saying "nooooothiiiiiiiiiiiiing~~~~~~~~~~~".

- A dancer asked Taemin, Onew and Minho what they thought about their new clothes. Taem - traffic lights, Onew - rainbow, Minho - chicago(??). The dancer pointed at Onew and said he was 'jameica~'. Then, Onew laughed and spoke out loud "jameica~~~~~~~!!!!" 

- Dubu's infamous 'hand pose' (using his hands a lot with all five fingers spreaded like a frog covering his face) was seen again in the filming

- After SHINee danced too much they all got exhasted, so Dubu, Jjong and Key took a nap in the waiting room while Taemin was filming and Minho was playing with his coordinators

- When Dubu woke up and came out from the room with himself staggering later, the fan said she wanted to shout out loud because Dubu looked sooo baby-like that she wanted to cuddle him all over.
Dubu then, washed his hair and came out from the washroom. She said he looked exactly like a highschool student with his black hair all down. His shoulder was just perfect...

Source/Trans: April. A @ soompi
admin~nuha <3 bb~

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