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Thursday, April 21, 2011

110421 More JongHyun UFO replies (17.4.11_

Fan: Oh god you’re alive again!!! Good!!! Please live long!
JongHyun: Aksemfdjqhwk answkakwcnarof!!! (If you type this using Korean keyboard it says: Try this! Let’s play word guessing game!)

Fan: Don’t want to finish sending this kind of text messages. I wan’t Jonghyun’s reply.
JongHyun: Huhu this?

Fan: Jonghyun ah~ I really like you really like you! How how? How can I love you this much?
Jonghyun: Eh?

Fan: Just say you hate me!
JongHyun: ….

Fan: Please go DC and click on my post. TT (DC is a Korean forum which many Korean SHINee World chats there.)
JongHyun: Is it fun? Actually I don’t play at DC anymore.

Fan: Wow really when DC is mentioned, you’ll reply eh!
JongHyun: kekeke Only when fun things is mentioned, I’ll reply with fun replies.

Fan: Don’t lurk around in DC!! Give some prove! (That he’s there.)
JongHyun: kekeke I don’t go to DC anymore. ke

Fan: Oppa what are you wearin now?
JongHyun: You pervert?

Fan: Oppa I went to see cherry blossom today! When your leg recovers, lets go see cheery blossom!
Jonghyun: It’s pretty~

Fan: Ah! kekekekekekekekekekekekeke Oppa let’s sleep together! kekekekeke!
JongHyun: ke Adult, do you know what you’re talking about?

Fan: If I send like this I will get replies right?
JongHyun: Yes, here it comes.

Fan: I’ll just continue living as a jobless person! TTTT Because I look like a bad person!
JongHyun: Don’t be like this.

Fan: I heard it’ll rain tomorrow! Please bring umbrella!
JongHyun: Yes I will bring!

Fan: What are you doing?
JongHyun: Just lying down.

Fan: Had a good day today?
JongHyun: Yes

Fan: JongHyun Hyung! Give me a reply! TTT Please I beg you! (Note: It’s a male fan.)
JongHyun: Are you a…?

Fan: Jonghyun the great! Please pity me and reply me a UFO!
JongHyun: Here you go.

Fan: Oppa I miss you so much! Really miss you! keke
JongHyun: Thankyou eh

Fan: Why do you keep using the computer? From tomorrow onwards I’ll be in hell!
JongHyun: ke

Fan: You’re trying to avoid me now right? TT
JongHyun: Huh huh? No?

Translation Credits: SHINeeWorldSG 

UFO Credits: DCinside

Fan: Jonghyun, really miss Roo. Roo is so cute ‘Cute” till even the same when upside down
Jonghyun: :;;

Fan: Jonghyun, Ah a reply! But I forgotten what my UFO is. Nevertheless, really really curious how big is Roo now.
Jonghyun: Still that big

Fan: Jonghyun, why is it still that big? Shouldn’t it grow longer. Please take better care of Roo, Roo’s dad
Jonghyun: What actually Roo has grown bigger

Fan: Jonghyun, did you buy Wheesung oppa’s album? I bought it immediately GOODBYE GOODBYE
Jonghyun: Hehe GOODBYE

Fan: Jonghyun, my dad said oppa’s voice is very good!!
Jonghyun: Wah super GOOD

Fan: Pervert keke Gal!!! -_- I’m that GAL whom played the charade
Jonghyun: keke after half a day…it’s SHIGAL (DC’s SHINee gallery)

Fan: Oppa~keke How is Roo? Kekeke very curiousTT send a photo to Me2Day
Jonghyun: aksemfdjqhwk answkakwcnarof!!! (Try it guess a word game!)

Fan: My 1T portable hard disk with SHINee stuff is full. Please buy me one
Jonghyun: What;;;; 1T

Chinese translation: 拼命赚钱的HYUNa
(Please pardon my poor translation…)

admin~nuha <3 bb~

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