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Thursday, April 28, 2011

110428 List of hilarious nicknames for idols; Only Key's part.

Whether it's a sign of connection between fans and idols or just a funny joke, nicknames have long existed in the Kpop world. Idol nicknames are becoming more and more prominent as fans begin to refer to idols with their nickname rather than their real names. Sports Seoul recently put together a list of idol nicknames that fans have come up with.

◆ Simple but Hilarious
SHINee's resident diva Key has been donned the nickname of "Keymera," a play on the word "camera." Fans may be shocked to learn that "Keymera" was originally the nickname of Kim Honghee, a Korean-Spanish singer who pioneered the genre of combining pop and opera, but it seems like Key now has ownership over the nickname. Key was given this nickname because of his ability to find the camera during filming, no matter where the camera is. Even when filming in the outdoors, Key never fails to look at the right camera, and therefore was awarded the nickname of "Keymera."

Source: sports seoul
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