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Friday, April 15, 2011

110415 Jonghyun and Taemin mention in T-ara's Soyeon's Interview 110413

K-Pop fans are already familiar with the long list of stars that almost debuted with SNSD, but none came quite as close as T-ara’s Soyeon. The talk is about the hardships that she had to faced after being eliminated at final cuts, 6 months before SNSD's debut.

Shinee's cut:

Soyeon debuted with T-ara in 2009 and finally achieved her dream of becoming a singer. But by then, SNSD had already made their debut, and the members of SHINee and f(x), who were both previously her juniors, were now her seniors.

With a laugh, she continued, “It was really awkward when I first debuted (laughter). At our debut broadcast, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin came to greet me. I treated them like I did when we were all trainees and spoke informally to them. Thinking about it now, I felt that something was off and ended up worrying a lot over it. In the end, we talked it out and decided to just regard each other like we did when we were trainees.”

The complete interview:

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Source: Star News via Nate
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