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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[TRANS] OnKey2Min on MBC Radio

Key says that his mother has always wanted a daughter. In order to fulfill his mother's wish and lessen the regret, he will frequently talk to her and listen to what she says. Key will also send his daily pictures to his mother.
Key read a short letter meant for his grandmother. He read it with a lot of feelings.

Taemin says that he is not the kind who will first say "I love you" to his parents. He will only say it after his mother says it. Taemin will then shyly say "I love you too". He says it very fast then immediately hang up the phone as he feels embarrassed.
Minho also says that he will not take the initiative to express his love to parents.

Question: Which type of flower can't be eaten?
And Onew answered "Chrysanthemum"..........

Source: human-lock
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Taemin says that once, during his mother's birthday, he keep thinking what kind of gift to buy for her. In the end, his mother brought herself a branded bag and sent a text message to Taemin "son, thank you"

Source: 小智MAX
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Taemin said his mom is young so she talks with aegyo.
She doesn't likes idol group but only likes SHINee
Source: MBC Radio
Translation credits: keykrisyeol

Key said that his umma always wanted a daughter, so in order to fulfill his mum wishes and her regret , key would always chat with her. Just based on this point , people will be envious of key's mum already . Key listens to her well and the DJ asked about how key does aegyo to his mum and he said that he doesnt do it often but he will send his mum his selcas/photos.

Source: human-lock
Translation credits: bling_saur

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