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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[INFO] 130515 SHINee to release full Japanese album "Boys Meet U" on June 26 + album specifications

Hello everyone on SHINee World J!

It has been decided that SHINee’s 2nd Original Japan Album ‘Boys Meet U’ will be released on June, 26! It is certainly a long waited album release after 1 year and a half since the launch of their first album in Dec 2011!

Other than the 4 Japan Single songs ‘Sherlock’, ‘Dazzling Girl’, ‘1000 years, always by your side’ and ‘FIRE’, it is estimated that the album will contain newly recorded Japan original songs, all 12 songs total!
From electro dance tunes edgy, to exquisite harmony of 5 persons’ ballad, one can now enjoy a full content diversified ‘SHINee’ in this album. Certainly, Please look forward to it!

Source: SHINee World J
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

Album Specification
◆Limited Edition (First Press)
Price: 5,480 JPY  
Product No: TOCT-29171
Main Contents: CD + DVD + 44 page photo booklet
Included in Package:
★ One of five random photo cards
★ Application sheet for “Boys Meet U” special event
★ DVD containing Music Video & Dance Music Video starting from Sherlock onwards and footage of Dazzling Girl Special Showcase

12 songs, including their previous hit singles like “Sherlock” and “Dazzling Girl”, as well as unreleased original Japanese songs.

T1. Sherlock Music Video
T2. Dazzling Girl Music Video
T3. 1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite… Music Video
T4. Fire Music Video
T5. Sherlock Music Video (Dance Version)
T6. Dazzling Girl Music Video (Dance Version)

◆Regular Edition (First Press)
Price: 3,059 JPY  
Product No: TOCT-29172 <POPS>STEREO
Main Contents: CD + 24 page photo booklet
Included in Package:
★ Application sheet for “Boys Meet U” special event
★ One of five random photo cards for first press only

Translated by: red @ 

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