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Thursday, May 9, 2013

[NEWS] 130509 Key and G-Dragon's fashion sense dubs them the two most prominent idol fashionistas

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Most K-pop idols wear clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that are always stylish and eye-catching to the public. But recent fashion statements from Bigbang's G-Dragon and SHINee's Key have become the hottest topics for fans.

Showcasing a variety of different colors and unique styles paired with unusual and amusing designs and patterns, both idols have gained attention from both local and international fans, earning them the title of two of the most prominent 'fashionistas' in the K-pop industry.

Let's find out how they introduce their fashion sense;

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Bold and unique patterns always seem to feature in their outfits. They try new things and different styles, from unique, to fresh, to vintage. These idols reinvent themselves with innovative fashion styles.

SHINee's Key usually showcases his fashion sense through airport wear. Some of his clothes can come off as unconventional but this idol always manages to make it work. As seen above, Key is seen wearing an over-sized washed denim jacket, washed-out shorts, and mismatched shoes. A clear example of how unique Key's fashion sense is. But he pulls it off, doesn't he?

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One of the recent events SHINee's Key attended, the 'H: Connect Event', had him showing off a glimpse of his legs, while wearing a dark khaki-colored coat over a simple navy dress shirt. Once again, Key showcases his unique fashion sense by donning shorts instead of pants or trousers, and completing the look with calf-high socks.

In addition, both idols are not afraid to push the limit of their fashion sense. Having 'too much style', as some people would call it, does not bother them. They choose different combinations and a variety of different styles and they always seem to present themselves exceptionally well.

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SHINee's Key is one of those idols who seem to have a special liking for hats and caps. As seen above, with his bright blonde hair, the hats Key wears seems to complete his outfits. His hat fashion sense can be seen on his various broadcast activities and music shows.

Source: BNT News
Written by: weirdlysmart @

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