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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[TRANS] 130506 OnKey2Min on Chin Chin Radio

DJ (Roy) : Onew-ssi also did radio show for quite a long time too

Onew : I hosted quite a number of interesting ones

DJ (JJY) : Which part/ which one left the deepest impression?

Onew : If you are talking about recently, even though many have left (good) memories, but there's one that supersedes all the other

DJ : Supersedes.. ah, I know (which one). So let's just skip over that.

DJ (Roy) : While (all of you) are moving from one place to another, you will listen frequently to the radio right?

Onew : That's right.

DJ (Roy) : Is there a particular radio program that you like a lot?

Taemin : I think the (radio program/show) that I love listening to the most is "Chin Chin Radio" (s/n : It is the program they are attending XD)

DJ : HAHAHAHA that's sweet/warm.

Onew : That's awesome/smart.

Onew "Also, if Taemin-goon says he wants to listen to (a particular radio show), all the members will listen to it as well"

DJ (JJY) : While listening to radio show, there will always be once that you feel "this type of DJ is really annoying", from an audience point of view. As a guest, a performer point of view (when do you find) "This DJ is really annoying"

Key "When the DJ asks something that is not written in the script. There isn't any on the script, but they will still ask topics regarding love and dating. Regarding this, it can be quite embarrassing/awkward in a guest point of view.

Taemin "That's right"

Onew "There's others who insist (guests) to perform a special talent of theirs"

Taemin "Ah, that's right"

Key "It isn't on the script"

Taemin "As for me, I am the unhappy when other members (are the DJ)"

Onew "Ah?"

Key "Why!"

Onew "Why is it bad?!"

Taemin "There's those things/incidents that are only shared and known between members only right? (But they) slowly reveal it out little by little. At that moment, even my liver was trembling."

Source: sunlinyumeimei

Translation by: thpapergangster

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