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Thursday, May 9, 2013

[FA] 130505 OnKey2Min @"Why So Serious?" Fansigning #5

Fan: Kibum ah, a noona from china wanted me to ask you, when at Interpark (fansign), you received a house ring right?[
Key: house?
Fan: like a 3 dimensional model of a house
Key: yes
Fan: she wants me to tell you that the ring is very expensive
Key: all right haha
Fan: it will be great if you will wear it. If you have a chance, do wear it.
Key: yes
Fan: Kibum ah, see you next time

A fan told Key that he looked like a small guinea pig
Key went "eh? what does that mean" and laughed non-stop.
Source: human-lock
Translation credits: squishyjinki

LastFantasy bought Taemin his favorite Korean Beef today and he immediately smiled ^^;;

Posted Image

LastFantasy asked Taemin if he knew what "LastFantasy" meant.
He nodded and said "I know ah. It is my fansite"

Source: Last Fantasy
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Taemin reminded the fans to eat after the event ends.

Regarding the Key looking like guinea pig tweet,
this was the keychain that the same fan gave Key.
Posted Image

Source: Ring花椰菜
Translation credits: squishyjinki

(Taemin's insistence of not being a fairy is seen here too xD)
Fan: it has been a long time since I last saw oppas. Around 3 years.
Taemin: ah, really? Then it is really long time no see!!
Fan (emotional): What? You remember me?? Saying that you're a fairy is correct ah~~
Taemin (with a serious expression): I'm a human ^^;;;
Source: dreamcherish
Translation credits: squishyjinki

A fan told Taemin that his hat was nice.
And Taemin replied "Really? It is nice?? Do you want it??? I'm not giving it to you!"

Key drew a flower for a fan and even said that the flower has a scent
Posted Image
Source: dreamcherish
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Fan: is Jonghyun really really really really really all right now?
]Key: really really really really really no need to worry too much. He's healthier than you think.
Source: dreamcherish
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Fan (to Onew): Why isn't there any man like you around me?
Onew: Isn't a man like me just right in front of you?

After signing, Taemin told the fan to go to the wrong direction and he didn't know he was wrong.
Everyone said it wasn't the first time.
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Compiled by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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