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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[NEWS] Minho becomes a model in a photoshoot for Konkuk University

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On the 13th of May, an online community bulletin posted multiple photos of the idol with the captions, "SHINee's Minho seen today at Konkuk University"

And indeed, the bunch of photos showed Minho attending the said university while donning a yellow cardigan with simple cotton pants and another one, where he wears the university's varsity jacket over his cardigan, a casual look that emits a simple 'college student' feel. Minho is currently attending Konkuk University with his chosen major, which is arts and culture filming and it is said that he attended the university today to do a couple of shoots to promote the school.

The idol seems to be enjoying his short time in the university as he portrays a normal college student as seen on the photos above.

In other news, Minho is also busy with SHINee promoting their latest song 'Why So Serious?', the title track of their latest album entitled, 'Why So Serious: The Misconception of Me'

Source: Sports Chosun
Written by: weirdlysmart @

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