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Thursday, May 2, 2013

[TRANS] 130502 OnKey2Min on MBC Yeong Hoon's Radio

This listener was like "The guest is SHINee? then im gonna take a nap. i dont like people who are more good looking than me."

A listener told Minho to undo a button on his shirt cos he looks stuffy... then he was gonna do it but the DJ said "Dont do it cos the blue collar looks good. Then Minho was like "that's my concept today... to look stuffy"

Lots of ahjummas and noonas and staffs of MBC went down to the studio to look at SHINee.

DJ said it was the first time this is happening on his radio show.

Someone asked why Onew didnt do the split in the dance then he said he cant split.
Key said they thought it was okay for just Onew not to do it cos it doesnt seem obvious but this listener caught it

Someone asked what would Jonghyun be doing right now..
then the boys were like... "most probably sleeping....? Even if we contact him, we would see him only at night... He has been waking up really late."

Question: If you have a younger sister who would you introduce to her (in order from #1 to #4) Minho: Taemin, Onew, Key, Jonghyun
(P/S: Minho's ranking for Key and Jonghyun is about the same... but he just doesnt really wanna introduce Jonghyun so he just put Key in front)

Question: Who do you wanna bunk with overseas? (in order from #1 to #4)
Taemin: Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Onew
(P/S : Taemin bunks with Key most often)

Question : Who would do best at variety? (in order from #1 to #4)
Key: Onew Key Minho Taemin
DJ: What about Jonghyun?

[The Music of My Life]
Tae picked Lil Wayne's 'Mirror', Onew picked SHINee's 'Replay', Minho picked Zitten's '곁에'. Key picked Groove Armada's 'My Friend' but the song that they played is not the correct one. The radio crew searched real-time and conclusion was, they couldn't find it in MBC. Then suddenly, they found it again and played it. Thus, Key started explaining.

DJ asked them to intro another SHINee song then Taemin said it's a song called 'Fire'
and the DJ was like just 'Fire' or 'Like A Fire' and then Taemin corrected himself and said "Like A Fire"

[Sherlock = Clue + Note]
At first SHINee only received one song but they found the chorus kinda like, dissatisifying?
Then there was another song by the same composer so the style was the same but it's another song... and that song's chorus sounded good. so Lee Soo Man was like "then lets just mix it together!"

Key said Sohee is far from his ideal but he likes her as a fan...
He doesn't wanna know her... just look at her from afar...

Source: MBC Yeong Hoon's Radio
Translation: faithstar @

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