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Friday, May 10, 2013

[TRANS] 130509 OnKey2Min on SBS Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School Radio

DJ: When will Jonghyun join the group again?
Minho: Not sure bc of a little post effects. Need wait till he's 100% well
Source: SBS Radio
Translation credits: squishyjinki

DJ asked Onew which member has been ttakbam-ed the most often.
Onew: member? Don't have.
Taemin then pointed to himself and Onew answered Minho and Taemin. But he himself said "I have ever ttakbam-ed you guys before?"
Minho: "during trainee period. Very strong"
Source: 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Key: Paris is the most compatible country.
Taemin: Fans will dance with us and seems like they are more tired than us after the concert.

Key says that he is always thinking of his dog.
Taemin and Minho says that they love dogs.
Onew: "I like cats which look like dogs"

Key has another dog now which is named "Garçons".
Source: 丈母娘的golden钥匙
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Minho is most popular in China.
His fan club in China bought hundreds of albums and gave the receipts to him
Source: personal_minho
Translation credits: squishyjinki

DJ: What is competitiveness to you?
Minho: A burden. I'll be sad if I lose last time but now, I feel apologetic to the PD.
Source: 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Taemin was asked which area does he think he is strongest in.
He answered "Health" especially when he looks at Onew hyung.
The person who sleeps the earliest after schedule ends is Onew
Source: 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Onew likes the nickname that Key gave him- "Old man".
Makes him feel good and warm inside.
Source: 小智MAX
Translation credits: squishyjinki

The reason why Onew likes the nickname "Old man"
is because Key used to call him something like "Old thing" which is a level lower
Source: 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Translation credits: squishyjinki

Taemin says that the member who sleeps the earliest is Onew hyung. Onew says that if he does not have proper management like this, he will wake up very tired the next day. He added, "Taemin's current age is when I just debuted after a year. Even you say it's tiring, what about me?"

Minho "The funny thing is that the night before, after our WSS practice, we ended around 10pm.. some (of us) went to exercise while others had meet ups.. but for Onew hyung, he immediately went to sleep. He slept till the next day - approximately 12 hours and went to practice again. However Onew Hyung said that his body is really tired after 12 hours (of sleep)".

Taemin "Yesterday was really sad. Before recording, Onew kept saying that he was really tired, really tired." Minho also told Onew to quickly manage his body and health well. DJ asked Taemin "What about Minho and Key"? Taemin said "They are attending schedules well, their (fitness) level is about the same, but Onew hyung is really..." (s/n : Their discussion was lighthearted with occasion laughs, so there's no need worry too much :))

Talking about how comfortable skinny jeans are, Key commented "Since it is fitting, don't you think it makes movements much easier? Just like underwear?"

DJ "Seems like SHINee have more and more cases of injuries~" Key "Until now, I am the only one who is still surviving (with no injuries)". Minho "Seeing Onew hyung, the thought of needing to take care of our bodies properly frequently flash across our mind XD"

Question to Taemin : "In what aspect do you think you are better than your hyungs" Taemin answered "Health", especially when he sees Onew Hyung..

Member which frequently gets Ttakbam by Onew? Onew "Members? None among the members..." Taemin pointed out himself then Onew said it's Taemin and Minho but asked "Have I ever flicked both of you?" Minho "Yes, during Trainee days; (Your Ttakbam was) very powerful."

What is competitiveness to Minho? Minho answered that it is a form of burden; in the past, he will be sad when he lost; currently he feels sorry for the PD (when he have lost).

DJ asked Key what does he like very much/persistant? Answer "Dogs, Comme des" Key says that he will keep thinking about Comme Des. Then Minho said that Taemin loves dogs too; Taemin has dogs at home as well. Onew says he loves cats that looks like dogs

DJ asked when will Jonghyun start working with them. Minho says that they are still unsure because that are still some after-effects and will need to wait till he has recovered 100% (fully)

Source: 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Translation credits: thpapergangster

Compiled by: J.Kimkeysemily @

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