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Monday, May 20, 2013

[NEWS] 130520 SHINee Leader Onew to MC Labelmate EXO's Upcoming Showcase

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On May 29, EXO is finally coming back with another showcase in tow. There to host much anticipated comeback showcase is none other than SHINee's leader, Onew.
If you have already forgotten because you passed out in the middle of EXO's last showcase, the leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk, was kind enough to take the spot as MC in the group's debut. As expected, the event was hilarious and panned out well for the entirety of it. Much like Leeteuk, Onew is quite charming and is known to have the gift of gab.
Other details regarding the show itself and the set list is yet to be revealed. In the meantime, many fans can rejoice in the fact that SHINee and EXO are the most adorable group of boys together. What can be expected is that Onew is going to be considerate of them, so he will probably keep the racy questions in his back pocket. Unless the fact that EXO is no longer a rookie group will come into play and they will have to reveal themselves from behind those excuses. It's another option. A better one.

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[NEWS] 130521 SM Entertainment Refutes News Of EXO Comeback Showcase and SHINee Onew MCing

 Previously, KpopStarz reported that SHINEe Onew was set to emcee the upcoming EXO showcase for their comeback.  In a separate correspondence, SM Entertainment representatives have refuted the validity of this report.   According to SM Entertainment, "At the moment, we do not have any plans for EXO showcase and have not made any announcements regarding it".

It looks like earlier reports are another case of fan roulette, wherein speculations within the K-pop fan communities have led into truth imitating fiction.

KpopStarz rescinds the earlier report, and apologizes for the error.  Nonetheless, we hope for EXO's successful comeback.
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