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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[TRANS] 130506 OnKeyHo on MBC Kim Shinyoung's Music Party Radio

Regarding Jonghyun's condition, Jinki says that he is slowly getting better. Key says that as Jonghyun is resting, he isn't at the dorm so everyone didn't see him. Minho last saw Jonghyun 3 or 4 days ago and says that his leg is a little painful.

Credits : 李珍基你最珍貴_朱迪
Chi-eng translation : squishyjinki

When asked why Taemin isn't present for the radio broadcast, Onew replied that he is filming wgm.

DJ: Minho filmed many CF,did he buy anything for you? O: yes, didn't know he treasured and loved us so much. He bought spicy fried rice cake

Translation: squishyjinki

Kim Shinyoung requested Minho to send a text message to Jonghyun.
The text message: I'm now at Kim Shinyoung's radio, do you have anything to say to Kim Shinyoung noona?
Jonghyun immediately replied: "just simply tell her that I miss her".
Minho sent a text again and Jonghyun replied "next time, remove the kids and let me appear on the show by myself, not as SHINee's Jonghyun but as a living human Kim Jonghyun"

Credits : woorishinee
Chi-eng translation : squishyjinki

Key says on his birthday, as Minho was with him and had asked him once what he wanted, K just directly told M "can you buy this for me?" as for other members' birthdays, as Key didn't have a chance to go out with them, he didn't buy any gift for them

Translation: squishyjinki

[member that gets "bullied" by colleagues] Taemin chose Key. Reason: easy to bully

Kr-Chi credits : 丈母娘的golden钥匙
Chi-eng translation : squishyjinki

Key only buys birthday presents for members at duty free shops at airports because they are tax free. And that was why Onew only received his gift from Key a month later as they had no overseas schedule during that period.

Translation: squishyjinki

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