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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111106 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Group Interview

SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Group Interview Part One

This is the 1st half.

Hmm, Key’s ears are good, but Onew’s are tuned towards hearing food-related words.  Taemin doesn’t know that he’s STILL young?
If asked, “What is SHINee’s appeal?”, in a second (you’d say) it’s the captivating song and ultra-sensitive dance visuals! Speaking of their senpai[1], Tohoshinki and Shoujo Jidai, (as expected) this incredibleness is also found.

We caught these super-popular and super-busy guys in Tokyo.
From their formation to their new song “Lucifier”, we discuss everything about these five. There’s a strong sense of closeness among this (all) boy team. [2]

Everyone ran along the riverside before their debut.

You debuted in ‘08, but, do you remember your first impressions when you met?
Jonghyun: Our first meeting, that would have been at the lessons at the office, 5 to 6 years earlier, right? Really, I never thought we would have been in the same group.
Minho: At the time when these members were decided on, the feeling was an unrealistic “Really?”, then it turned into renewed vigour, “Ok! From here on, (us) five will work even harder!”
Jonghyun: During the lesson period, we had lots of individual practice, but, once SHINee was formed, during the preparatory phase for our debut, we begun joint lessons as a team of five. (In the) morning, we’d even go jogging (and such) together.
(The other 4): Ah, we remember that!! [3]
Jonghyun: From about 9, we’d run along the Han (a river that run through the center of Seoul). The (training) menu consisted of an hour of singing while running, but it’s tough (laugh). After our debut, I understood, if I (hadn’t done this) I wouldn’t have been able to make it through a live (performance) (laugh).
Taemin: When you sing and run, your throat starts to hurt (laugh).

At your office, we’d heard that the various lessons are broken up?
Jonghyun: Of course there’s the standard song and dance training menu, and we also have lessons where we’re taught language, acting, manners for (giving) speeches and such. Around (every) six month period there are valuation tests, this gave a feeling of comprehensiveness to the lessons.
Taemin: The tests for the foreign language classes, music theory and such were fun, but, a little boring, or rather it was hard, I was young (laugh).
Jonghyun: Even now, each person’s lessons are broken up differently. I’m primarily receiving singing lessons and musical instrument lessons. At the times when we have new songs and new live (performances), for weeks before we do joint practice for 6 to 7 hours every day.

Studying Japanese is fun, everyone helps each other.

Speaking of Foreign Languages, how’s studying Japanese going?
All:  (In Japanese) It’s fun!!
Taemin: We study by watching anime and movies.
Jonghyun: For each (person), the words we know differ, so we teach each other. Key-kun, for TV and so on, you’ve given (introductions) in Japanese, it sounds very natural. 
Key: (In Japanese)  Oh, thank you (bashful). But, I still have far to go.
Taemin: (In Japanese), that’s because Key’s hearing is so good (laugh)

By the way, up to now, your activities (katsudou) …
Onew: (With vigor:) Katsudon? [4]
Not katsudon (laugh). In your activities so far, was there a little mistake or anything that left a deep impression?
All: (Pondering) Umm..
Key: (Jokingly:) Because we haven’t made any mistakes (laugh)
Jonghyun: That reminds me, recently, when we were coming from Korea to Japan, the roads were incredibly packed and we missed the plane! We didn’t have anything scheduled for that day, so there was no effect on anything like work, but it was the first time I missed (a flight) so it was somewhat heart racing and fun. 
Taemin: I also enjoyed it (laugh)

In Japan, during your activities, has there been anything surprising?
Jonghyun: one example is the recording of TV shows, with the way of shooting and the system, there are various differences, but rather than surprising, it has a refreshing feel to it.
Minho: In Japan, it feels like you’re doing a strict rehearsal, but, magazine interviews are the same (as in Korea) I think.

Japan’s short but packed activities. Next stop, Alaska!?

This June, after your debut in Japan, you had release events all over the country, but, looking back what do you think about trying it again?
Jonghyun: We released 3 singles in a short space of time….
Key: The time went fast! In Korea, it’s unusual to do that in such a small time span.
Onew: Yeah, but, we had the chance to come into close contact with fans at different places, I enjoyed it.

The other day you went to Paris for SMTOWN LIVE (a company joint live show), and you went to Russia for a Korean TV show…
Jonghyun: Yes, we get on planes a lot (laugh). We’ve gone abroad a lot so it feels like our physical make-up has changed.

What was Russia like?
All: (Immediate reply: ) It was cold.

And Russian food?
Onew: I only remember the coldness.
Jonghyun: Our stay was short so we didn’t get to sightsee at ease, but as the scenery was completely different to Asia, it felt fresh.

Is there any place you’d like to have SHINee do activities?
Taemin: (With vigour:)  Alaska
All: EH?? (then booing)
Jonghyun: You want to go as an individual, right?
Taemin: I, want to shoot SHINee’s photobook there.

[1] Seniors, or if you like, sunbaes :D

[2] Ok, for the interviews themselves, I stuck closely to what they said. But for the introduction I changed it so that it would flow a little… a lot easier in English, but the basic gist is still there, I think.

[3] Yes Junon was a little lazy and mushed everything into one response, more likely someone said “oh yes” while Minho silently nodded. This will happen throughout.

[4] Of course it’s food. Puns <3

Scan: Tonghyun
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SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Junon - Group Interview Part Two

(Their) range of expression has broadened.

Your 3rd single “Lucfier” will be released in October, but, as it’s a fast tempo dance song, was singing in Japanese been really difficult?
Jonghyun: We always get the lyrics beforehand and compare the Korean lyrics to the Japanese lyrics so we (can) attach the meaning to the lyrics as we do the recording, but, this time the subject of the lyrics was very deep, it felt as though this was even harder (than the previous times).

Minho: My part is the rap in the second half, my thoughts felt jumbled. It was really hard. Some time has passed so I’ve gotten a little more accustomed to it, but I’m worried about the lives [live shows]. (bitter smile)

Minho-san rap seems like it would be hard even for a Japanese person!
Minho: Will someone sing it? I’d want to hear it too (laugh)

Jonghyun: The phrase, “Like a clown trapped in a glass castle”, singing it gives the feeling of being on the brink of death. (laugh)
Actually, when it hits the halfway mark of the song, it gets very intense.

Key: The part “From the moment our eyes first met”, the sound and melody is really catchy, the feeling is good.

The music video has a scene where you dance in water, that’s was very cool!
Taemin: We’re not just shooting on a floor of water, but our shoes and clothes were soaked. It makes it heavy, so dancing was a bit difficult.
The floor was easy to slip on, so many times we (slipped)…

How long did it take to shoot?
Jonghyun: In all, shooting took about two days, the water scene was around 7 - 8 hours of that I guess. I don’t want you to miss even a second of it!

Key: For costumes alone, there’s four types, I think it turned into the type of production, that each time you look at it, you will want to watch it again. From the “Lucifer” worldview, (and) the “restraint” (part of the) lyrics expressed in the CG mist, to performance by the five (of us), please make note of it.

Jonghyun: I did the part where it feels like (someone) is yelling “Uwoo”. (laugh) [1]

Next year’s goal is a tour! (They) want to meet the fans up close.

Did you received any advice, etc from Tohoshinki, your seniors in the company, on activities in Japan?
Jonghyun: Not really advice, but they came to hang out with us at our (accomodation) in Japan.

Minho: Yeah. When we were doing SMTOWN LIVE at Toyko Dome, the (other) time when we were doing performances. We had fun together, playing games and chatting about different things.

Do you get to meet up a lot in Korea?
Onew: Yes. We often meet at TV stations, and go out to eat and such.
Jonghyun: I want to play games together with our seniors.
Minho: If they buy us sashimi and we eat together that would be nice.
The other 4: Oh! That would be good.

Who’s the strongest at games?
Jonghyun: It’s Minho. His pride is soccer, he doesn’t even go easy on our seniors. (laugh)

Not changing the topic, but, what sort of year do you want next year to be?
Onew: Everyone has his own wishes, but I want to go play at the sea, eat delicious food, relax, (so long as it is) the sea, anywhere is fine!

Taemin: I want to walk down the streets of Japan that seem interesting. While we’re moving (from one place to another), we’ve past by Harujuku and Shibuya, but we haven’t gone again, once, I would like to really walk down it, go shopping, have tea…. (in Japanese) I realllly want to do this! (laugh)

Key: It’s a small thing, but I would like to meet up with friends in Japan. I (also) want to go shopping and such! Please! (laugh).

Jonghyun: For me, next year, I want to try going on a backpacking trip. Hitchhiking, etc? (laugh)
After that, I want to go to Okinawa, I’ve heard the sea is pretty there, I want to see it. I want to challenge watersports for the first time.

Minho: I’d like more chances to meet up with friends. Since debuting, I haven’t gotten to meet them a lot. We communicate by phone, but meeting in person is different.

Jonghyun: As for SHINee, we would like to get more people to listen to our music, we’d like to do a tour in Japan, increase the opportunities to be in close contact with our fans.

The other 4: Yes! We feel the same way.

[1] Around 2:43. When Key is jumping in the water.
I love everyone, but Jonghyun sort of pwned this interview.

Scan: Tonghyun
cr : tumblr crissan
shared by : nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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