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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111110 SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Hanako - Key

Is Onew rubbing off on Key?

Key-kun is part of the large coffee faction, moreover, he’s a connoisseur who particular about it being “strong-ish”.

“For work I have to travel to different countries, but, coffee is global.
At times when I have work and in the morning, I always have coffee.
When I eat breakfast at the hotel, I must drink coffee.
Because it injects power (into me). (laugh)”

As far as Key-kun is concerned, coffee that gives him power, is a “Key element”. [1]

With his sharp sensitivity fully operational, he has what he needs to work out his ideas for music and

“At SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo Dome Special Edition, f(x)’s Krystal and I did a performance together, the music, lighting and costumes I gave a lot of thought into and created with all of my energy. The next time I have a solo, if it’s a stage performance, I want to be able to show off my special colours.”
It’s for this reason he’s in the midst of checking up on overseas artist’s stage performances and musicals and stocking up on information that he can use later.

“When I listen to music now too, I’m always wondering what kind of style would be good. If I (listen) to it once and it makes me feel like ‘Ah, I (could do this)’, then I’ll want to try it on stage.”

Music, fashion, art, culture and such, Key possesses a deep knowledge, always researching ways to express himself, he wields the fever of a sportsman. [2]

[1] Ohohoho
[2] Meaning he’s passionate about it in the same way as Minho is about sports…

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