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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111102 SHINee Non-no Magazine

Aside from Asia, SHINee is garnering support in London, Paris, Europe and America. (Starting from) their musicianship, to their dances, fashion and right down to their hairstyles, they exhibit cutting edge (trends). We look at the reason for their popularity.

About the outfits that Non-No suggested this time; Key-kun said, “The (outfits’s colours) were matched well”.
Among the members, the interest in fashion and such is high?

Key: “Personally, I’m the type that goes by the Western concept of wearing (something) that reflects my mood that day. Therefore for girls too, each time we meet, I want to see various styles that reflects individuality.”

Taemin: For me, I like flowing T-shirts style, I think it has a natural feel to it. [2]

Onew: I think that a woman stylishly wearing a long skirt in a rough style is wonderful. But that is because that’s the style I also like for myself.

So, each has
 his own taste, but, standing on stage you display a dance where down to your breathing is (synchronized) .
Especially for the new song “Lucifer”, the performance is spectacular!!
What’s the secret to your team work?

Taemin: “We single-mindedly practice with all of our might. For this new song, if we’re not satisfied that something is good enough, (we’ll say) “Let’s make this better”. Everyone is working towards the same objective. I think that’s what’s good about our team work.”

Key: “Furthermore, when we’re practicing in front of a mirror, so we make eye contact and therefore our breathing naturally starts to (synchronize).”

Jonghyun: “That’s definitely true. If you pay attention, in the lyrics there’s “Sokubaku sareta ai” [1], there’s an accompanying handcuff dance. It has a fast tempo so singing in Japanese was hard, but, we tried our best so please listen to it.”

Minho: “When rapping my part, the Japanese was particularly difficult.. but somehow miraculously, rather than (when) you sing in your head, while dancing and singing, the words comes out smoother I think.”

Onew: “That, I understand. When you’re moving, the feeling of the words just come out. So I think I enjoy this (version) of us during live shows.”

Taemin: “That reminds me, the people around us often tell me , “There’s a gap between your usual selves and when you’re on stage”. “

Key: “I wonder if it’s the spotlight that makes us cooler. (*laugh*)”

Jonghyun: “Nah. I thought to myself, Don’t you think it’s the look of guys working their hardest that looks cool!? (*grin*)”

Last year, before your Japan debut, you performed successfully in front of 24,000 people. At the time, Key-kun was deeply moved to tears. We’ve received gossip that the tears usually come from Jonghyun…

Minho: “Even aside from on stage, you can usually see Jonghyun’s crying figure a lot.”

Jonghyun: “Hahaha! That’s because I’m an honest person, so at the times when I want to cry, I can’t hold it back. Recently, Taemin and I were listening to a Japanese ballad and even though I didn’t understand the name nor the words, I still totally cried….”

Taemin: “Ah. That did happen. But, because it happens a lot, I wasn’t surprised.”

While on stage they exude charisma, they also give a sense of brotherhood. You definitely must CHECK them out.

[1] Something like “Love that restrains”, “Love that bounds”. Sokubaku means restraints, as in physical shackles, but it’s also used in the sense of couples, where one tells the other “You can’t go to dinner with another girl/guy, other than me” so the phrase has a double meaning.

[2] lol I don’t know if this has a direct translation, but it’s the sort of look the girl has on this page:…0271320107.html

Apparently it’s very trendy to wear ponchos for this sort of look right now especially as the weather turns colder.
But some women are afraid they’ll look fat. This style also includes weird baggy pants and dungarees, but, he’s talking about the T-shirts.

source: crissan 

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