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Monday, November 21, 2011

[FA] 111118 Yinhappysome's with SHINee on Maypole Fansign;

The fansign is scheduled at 5pm KST. Only 200 lucky ppl were allowed to get signatures from them. I only managed to reach there at 2.15pm. Quite a lot of ppl were already queueing up. I asked the staff and sadly no more tickets for signatures. I had no choice but to stand there and wait since i wanna see them live so really really badly. I shopped inside Maypole first and took pictures of where they were going to sit. After that i quickly went outside and tried to find a good spot. Sadly, there were many fans there so i could only stand at the back. In front of where they were going to sit. Probably 4th row. :cries:

The person in front of me was really annoying. She kept asking me not to touch her. Like how could i avoid from touching her a little when there were so many people? :wth: Around an hour later at 3.30pm, 2 person in front of me moved away! I cheered. I quickly moved in front. The annoying person couldn't do anything. MUAHAHA. :bluwek: I was blocking her! She's much shorter than me by the way. At 4pm, the security guards started to make noises. They asked us to move to the left side where we wouldn't be able to see SHINee at all as they would be signing inside the Maypole shop. All the fans started to scold the guards in Korean and Japanese. I couldn't understand a thing >< Finally, the guards said if we pushed in front, they'd ask us to move. So when ppl were fighting, I managed to reach the first row! MUAHAHA. got benefits from ppl's fights. :nice:

The guards were seriously annoying, couldn't even take pictures with cameras when SHINee wasn't even there yet -_- and kept asking us to move back -_- I literally was standing at 45 degrees for 3 hours. had to protect my place from people stepping in front of me. The person on the right of me was really fierce. kept scolding people who pushed around. So i got benefits from that too! hehe.

At around 5.40pm KST. FINALLY, SHINee arrived! everybody went crazy. REALLY. I couldn't believe my eyes at all. They looked like princes in wonderlands in real life. Totally different feeling meeting them live! the moment the appeared. :banghead: i was stunned for a few seconds. seriously. anime. first person to appear was MINHO! i went crazy! They kept bowing and waving! really cute! After that, they went inside the shop and greeted the press. hehe so cute. Then they sat down. and started to sign for the 200 lucky fans.

Here comes the annoying guards again. they're really really big and tall men -_- as if we went there to see them. They formed 'people wall' in front of me. I was first row. hehe i hardly see at first. after that! i tiptoed between 2 guards. and saw 5 of my SHINee babes very very clearly! only my spot has the best view of every one of them. Everyone kept pushing me to get my spot. You can't imagine their energy omg. but the guards helped me and i saved my place! hehe somehow i felt tall there. girls around me started crying cause they couldn't see SHINee and kept asking 'naega boya' (what is this). I CRIED TOO. i cried because of happiness seeing them so so so clearly! :D :D

Taemin played with his bottle, his teeth were shown all the time. I think he was really happy today! Key scratched his ear I saw! hehe he kept bowing. and Kept saying annyeong :) Jonghyun was signing like a boss! the way he sat! smiling with teeth. Onew kept giving charming smile without teeth :) and minho! he kept nodding/ bowing. He also kept putting his face on the table. VERY CUTE! I stared at them like crazy while other fans kept scolding the guards. none of my business. hehe.
After signing for about 150 fans! My Minho stretched his arms. putting both sexy hands in the air. THEN he looked to the right. He saw my head between the guards tip toeing. WE MADE EYE CONTACT. AND HE WAVED USING BOTH HANDS IN THE AIR TO ME. OMG. :banghead: :banghead: I SCREAMED LIKE A MAD WOMAN. ALONE. i think nobody saw it before me. I swear he was only waving to me cause the other fans were all blocked by the guards. I swear i died. totally. i continued screaming like a mad woman. I DONT CARE. OMG. AFTER THAT. this is not the end. after signing for around 190 fans, almost the end, Jonghyun saw me this time! he smiled to me. that puppy smile! :"> REALLY. OMG. i continued screaming like crazyyyyyyy. During the whole fansign, i kept screaming MINHO! Maybe that's why he noticed me hehe.

After the fansign, they stood up and everybody screamed! they signed on the counter. and then they came out! walked right in front of meeeee. i started crying again. i lost count of how many times i cried. LOL. I finally get why people can cry from happiness!! After the fansign, i shopped inside Maypole again. and bought the new version of Minho Maypole hoodie which costed me another 39,800won, just launched today! I went inside and took pictures of SHINee's signatures. One of the noona was so nice:) i was wearing another Minho Maypole hoodie so she was so impressed and took picture for me with the signatures!

I still cant believe i actually met them TODAY. T_T i think i made a smart decision. we were not allowed to take pictures/videos at all. i tried a few times but failed so i stopped taking pictures. and i thought the pictures in my head are the best :) i can see pictures every single day but not LIVE version! Im really grateful to my parents. they made my day. we were so busy changing hotel in the morning but they tried their best to let me see SHINee. they didn't even force me to go shopping instead of wasting those four hours from 2.15 - 6.30.

Not forgetting this day forever. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. thank you my lucky charms- friends and other ppl as well. i love the whole world all of a sudden!

111118! -END-

My couple shirt with my Minho! -
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Can you see real Minho?! Yes i was that near to him! -
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SHINee's signature - Posted Image

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