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Thursday, November 3, 2011

[FA] 111103 SHINee at Trafalgar Square in London

Random Encounter

Having not quite finished our homework for our Korean class that day, Sarah and I decided to meet early before class to complete it together. After grabbing a snack, we thought sitting in Trafalgar Square to finish off our work would make a nice change.

After about 20 minutes, Sarah suddenly let out a small cry and was staring intently behind me. Turning around quickly, I spotted two bleached blonds surrounded by a small camera crew and a bunch of people. We immediately stuffed all our books into our bags and half ran, half walked over to near where they were.

We didn't get too close as they looked like they were doing a photo shoot, and wanted respect their privacy. SHINee looked like they were having a fun time playing around on the giant lions at Trafalgar Square. Onew especially looked to be having a great time.

Posted Image
Yay! Onew's having a great time at the back

We watched them for a while and waved a couple of times. We're both pretty sure they spotted us, as there were no other fans around and we were obviously taking pictures of them and looking very over excited.

Posted Image
JongHyun's found a cosy spot to sit in.

As usual, Key was sporting some amazing fashion. Look at the shoes! You can't see it here, but on the back of his jacket, 'F*** The World' was written, classy stuff.

Posted Image
Oldest and youngest playing well with the lion.

Minho was looking very relaxed and stylish. What a natural poser! We have to admit, Minho does look very good in real life, better than in photos we all agreed.

Posted Image
Minho having a chat.

They were even nice enough to have a quick chat to some locals. We have no idea what they talked about though - we think the two guys were wondering why cameras were following SHINee around, and that Minho might have been saying who they were.

After a few minutes, they started to move off. We both wondered where they were going to next, but thought that it was time we left them alone. It was great to see them having fun naturally, and feel very lucky to have seen them at all!

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