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Friday, November 11, 2011

[FA] 111111 Idols @ “2011 KPOP Music Festival in Sydney”

So I arrived at Olympic Park for the K-Pop Music Festival in Sydney and there were many other K-Pop fans who were waiting in the shade (it’s been so hot and sunny in Sydney recently). I went with my friend, and we arrived an hour early so we explored the area and peeped through small gaps in the metal walls. Unfortunately everything was very well concealed.

Gradually, all 100+ of us formed a line and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. And waited. Then suddenly we heard Lucifer, and my friend and I sang along but the bad thing was that SHINee had already started their rehearsal. And we were still outside waiting. So all we could do was listen to them singing :(
We then heard Miss A start their rehearsing, and all this time the workers had been setting up the gate for us to walk through FINALLY to what we’d been waiting for. Eventually, we were let in and we excitedly walked through the corridors and outside where Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl greeted us. Very loudly that is. We all sat in the Silver seating area and the staff had to keep telling us off for filming- we weren’t allowed to film or take pictures. We all cheered and screamed really loudly when we sat down and the song ended.
There were also several camera crews encouraging us to scream and wave and hold up our posters, but most of us had our hands shading our eyes because we were facing the sun directly. Bit annoying, but I’m not complaining.

Sistar was next, and omg. They are good singers. Actually, pretty much all the singers were really good- sometimes there was a bit of lip syncing going on but a lot of the time they really sang and they were all really good!

There was also Beast. They were really really enjoyable and we all went crazy. Of course we all sang along and screamed and cheered because they had really good song choices.

We also got to watch CN Blue who were amazing, although I am fans of them so… But really, they were lots of fun for everyone to watch. Also, there was MBLAQ whose songs I don’t really know but of course Mona Lisa I do know and it was really great! 4 Minute was there too, and they were good, although I don’t really know their songs. 2AM were the nicest to us in audience I think- they waved a lot and OMGOMGOMG they sing SOOOO well!! Just before Kara was setting up, the staff began to say we had to leave now, but most of us were reluctant to leave because the rehearsal wasn’t over yet! So we all walked VERY slowly up the stairs, but suddenly Kara sang Stepping so we all just froze and watched. Then a big security guard came and we all had to leave- the staff seemed suspiciously urgent to get rid of us…

There were Special Stage performances in between as well. But as the rehearsal went on all of us got more and more tired and our screaming got less loud. The sun was SO hot and hitting our eyes.

While my friend and I were walking towards the train station we heard TVXQ singing Keep Your Head Down and we were like WHAT so now we think that SM Ent. didn’t want us to video or watch  their artists during the rehearsal. Which is SO annoying- I mean, we weren’t let inside until SHINee had FINISHED rehearsing, and we had to leave BEFORE TVXQ came out. That’s OK though, because we’ll see them in the concert tomorrow night anyway :D

Credit: flamingharmony @ tumblr
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