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Thursday, November 24, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111121 SHINee Minho on Japanese Magazine -Ray

Minho: 1-10

Q1 How do you do determine what clothes you’re going to wear on any day.
That day, the clothes I want to wear, I’ll wear clothes (will reflect my) mood.

Q2 What do you look forward to when winter comes?
I totally look forward to snow falling.

Q3 What’s your secret to keeping your slim style?
I keep active everyday. Photos of styles I like and clothes I find become my incentive.

Q4 What’s your favourite food?
Originally, it was ramen, but recently, I’ve started liking like Gyuudon. It can be eaten easily and it’s delicious!

Q5 What sport do you want to challenge?
Golf! I’ve had a lot of chances to watch it recently so I want to try it once.

Q6 Is there a reference you use for (fashion)?
Foreign celebrities styling. I check fashion on the internet.

Q7 Your recommendation for a Korean movie?
Amai Jinsei (A bittersweet life). I recommend it because you can see a man’s dashing side. [1]

[1]  does dashing sound weird?

Q8 Your favourite anime or manga? The character are one of kind, the story too, the content is something even adults can get into.
One Piece!! I’ve been into it for many years.

Q9 What’s your favourite episode of One Piece?
Luffy goes to help Robin, and he yells “We are comrades” [2]

[2] nakama is considered closer than friends.

Q10 Where do you want to try going in Japan?
J-league soccer, just one, I want to try to go see it.

Credit: crissan
shared by : nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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