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Thursday, November 24, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111121 SHINee Taemin on Japanese Magazine -Ray

Taemin : 21-30

Q21: How would you describe your personality simply?
Covetous. If there is something I want to do, I put all of my strength and get it done no matter what.

Q22 Is there a food that puts a smile on your face?
Meat! Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Q23 Recently what genre of music do you listen to a lot?
Quiet Pop. I like mellow tunes.

Q24 (Disliked) food?
Eggplant. It’s not just the flavour, the appearance too, (being) purple, it doesn’t seem like it would taste good. (laugh)

Q25 Recently were you surprised by anything?
One of the staff was running while carrying me piggy-back. I was thinking “This won’t work”, with me (clinging piggy-back) (he) started skipping and jumping!

[1] I’m assuming it’s a guy.

Q26  What male image do you think is cool?
Never getting mad, someone that gives his all to (improve) himself.

Q27  What Japanese drama or movie is your favourite?
The anime One piece. Miyazaki Hayao’s work.  Miyazaki Hayao’s work is very creative and so I enjoy it.

Q28 What about Japan’s culture and customs did you find surprising?
Rehearsals at the TV stations, etc. It surprised me how everything related is checked carefully beforehand then it jumped straight (into the real thing).

Q29 Do you still remember your first stage performance?
I remember it! The faces of my faces that I saw from the first stage, even now I haven’t forgotten it.

Q30 Is there a failure story you can tell us as it’s now?
There was a short story that I prepared with all of my effort. That I completely forgot at the critical time (at the actual performance)….
That was very regrettable.

Credit: crissan
shared by : nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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