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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[TRANS] 111111 SHINee FANSITE Update ‘Hello everyone on FanSite!’

The season of cool autumn weather, Hello everyone on FanSite!
It feels like autumn deepens day by day, no, more like the weather has skipped to winter, remarkable cold mornings and evenings, …that is why, sorry for not updating for a long time.
Last month at the venue of SHINeeWORLD in NAGOYA, there was a fansite member limited present, it called “SHINee Sticker”.
It can be the decoration for 2 IPHONE cases immediately. Have you tried?

It glittered under the sky.
It will be too shining, now it glare~w!!
It’s not about how good or bad you paste it, the point is it becomes glittery~

SHINee member has also in high spirit and sparkling when they have gotten their own SHINee Sticker!!
That is (they are) already being pasted on many various places~
And now!
From the last few days, SHINee has finally had its first official Handphone “dressing” being start to distribute.
Do recommend on the group design for the motify of 3rd Single [LUCIFER]!
Please certainly check out the banner on the top page of the fansite member-only site.

Source: minoutshine
Translation by NINGZzhi
shared by : nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki


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