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Thursday, November 24, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111121 SHINee on Japanese Magazine -Ray :Key

Key: 61 - 80

Q61 What sort of character are you told you are?
I’m told that (I am) “Always lively and energetic”.

Q62 What’s your usual method of changing your mood? [1]
If i’m troubled or if there’s something I can’t work out, each and every time, I’ll ensure I resolve it.

[1] 気分転換方 means change of pace / mood.

Q63 What’s on your mind during a performance?
I think about movement and the dance before the performance, on stage, that’s where I’ll recall what to do while I perform.

Q64 What Korean dish would you recommend?
Dukbokki. It’s not something you can eat easily, but it’s really delicious so please try it once.
In Korea, it’s (the) snack I eat when I get hungry.

Q65 What do you do on a day off?
Meet up with friends, go shopping, do lessons.

Q66 What sort of role would you want to play in a movie or drama?
I’d like to a play a “KEY” character. [2] It seems like it would be fun.
I think persons that don’t know me could get to know me.

[2] Basically play himself.

Q67 What artist or musician would you want to collaborate with?
BoA-senpai… I would have (said) that, but, at SMTOWN LIVE we already performed together a few times. (laugh)

Q68 What was your childhood dream?
Singer. Artist.

Q69 Where do you want to go once.
Alaska. I’ve been to many urban places, but, this seems hard to travel to, so I’d have to think about a (time) when I could go at leisure.

Q70 What fashion item do you want to challenge?
Co-ordinating (an outfit) with sock as (the main) point. I want to try properly balancing (outfits) with various socks!

Q71  So far (in your life) when were you the happiest.
Now, this moment, (because) tomorrow there will be tomorrow’s pleasure. [1]

[1] This is related to what I poorly explained in the last post.

Q72 For couples in love, what SHINee song do you recommend?
“Kiss Kiss Kiss”. The lyrics are nice and if a guy sings this to a girl it will make her chest tighten. (laugh)

Q73 If you could have a TV show in Japan, what sort of show would it be?
Variety! Like SMAPxSMAP or Domoto Kyoudai. It would be good to have one with lots of talks with guests. I’ll have to study Japanese more! (laugh)

Q74 Who do you think are your closest friends / supporters?
Friends of my age, my parents and my grandmother.

Q75 What did you feel were interesting about Japan live broadcasts?
Live (performances) and stage (performances)

Q76 What’s your specialty? (literally pride dish)
Carbonara. I learned it on a Korean TV show and I taught it to Taemin.
Collecting village fees is hard but, I’ve made it so many times. [2]

[2] Yes it does say village fees XD But I’m sure some of you wouldn’t mind paying him to make it for you either.

Q77 Tell us something that brought a smile to your face recently.
On September 23rd, my birthday, when I came home late from shooting, I found Jonghyun present (to me) placed on my bed.

Q78 Which places makes you calm down the most?
Home. This isn’t just home where you’re born and raised. When you’re abroad, it’s your hotel, when in Korea, the dorm and so on. All of these are included in “Home”.

Q79 Your bag, usually is it big? small?
It’s always big, I have a lot of stuff to put. (laugh)

Q80 Do you come up with ideas for your hairstyles yourself?
Of course! I’m always thinking what will the next concept be.

Credit: crissan
shared by : nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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