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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[NEWS] 111102 SHINee Arrived in London! London Heathrow Airport was Packed with People!


November 2, 2011
SHINee Arrived in London! London Heathrow Airport was Packed with People!
Local Fans Welcomed SHINee with ‘샤이니 사랑해요’ Placards Written in Korean!
The Attention in Focused on the First Korean Artist’s Solo Concert in London!

London’s Heathrow Airport was crowded with people due to SHINee’s visit who will hold the solo concert in London as the first Korean idol group.

SHINee, who flew to London for the opening gala concert of ‘The London Korean Film Festival’ on the 1st, received an enthusiastic welcome at Heathrow Airport from the local fans.

Even though it was weekday evening, numerous local fans had gathered at the airport by holding placards with SHINee members’ names and nicknames written in Korean and waited for SHINee by shouting ‘샤이니 사랑해요,’ and ‘샤이니 빨리와.’

As soon as SHINee arrived at the gate, the airport was packed with fans coming all at once toward SHINee and the airport was full of fans’ screaming and flashing cameras.

Especially, Britain’s largest theater chain’s reservation system went down Just 1 minute after the ticket sales for this SHINee’s concert began. And also, not only the reservation for SHINee’s concert but also reservation for other movie tickets of hundreds of theaters in Britain was unavailable for 5 hours.

Since SHINee will present each member’s unit stages as well as their hit songs including ‘Replay,’ ‘Juliette,’ ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ ‘LUCIFER,’ etc. at ‘SHINee in London’ (the first solo concert in London as the Korean idol group), it is expected to receive high interest from fans and local media.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s opening gala concert ‘SHINee in London’ will be held at Odeon West End Theater of Leicester Square on November 3rd at 4:30 p.m.

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