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Thursday, November 24, 2011

[I/VIEW] 111116 SHINee on Anan Magazine -Group Q & A-

When you hear “Adult Man” what image forms?
From boy to young man, what is shed?
For the members, straight up, what’s the image of “adult man”?
In between shooting, we ask these relaxed five hard hitting (questions).

In between shooting and moving (from set to set), Onew is set into trance by a game on his tablet.
Once he bookmarks the trial, his facial expression turns serious.
“Too focused!”, his voice (carrying his embarrassed grin).

Papa, a company employee, someone that can read the air of a room.
After this, what suggests (maturity) is physical beauty. It’s not about being macho, someone who trains his body (until it’s in good shape) [1] can be seen as an “adult”.

[1] Literally kirei, meaning pretty O_o

From the make-up room there’s a sweet voice that can be heard, of course, it’s Jonghyun. At times, it’s like voice training, at times it’s gentle humming. (His voice) completely changes during conversation from when he’s singing. His completely controlled singing voice is wonderful!

A person that raises a dream is a child. A person that can fulfill  dream is an adult.
But, I think,  a person who doen’t feel that this is adult or this is childish is the true adult.
Surely’s it not bad to mature.

If it’s about fashion, leave it to Key.
Even down to how to arrange the hat he’s putting on. Even for the rare fruits in the studio, he notices them right away and in a blin of an eye he licks them down. He’s a lump of curiousity.

A person who makes good use of their wit,  person with good sense.
A person that can read the air, who doesn’t force their partner with narrow-mindedness has the image of an adult.
And, I think a person that can do with taste. This is (my) ideal image.

Doing things at his own pace, and positive Minho.
During a break from shooting, while relaxing on the sofa, his eyes with all his effort are following the monochrome article in Anan.
Perhaps playing the role of Japanese study a little?

Once becoming an adult, I think you should have composure no matter how busy you are.
I picture a grand image
After, someone with leadership is ideal.

When the cameraman instructs him to “Move freely!”, Taemin reacts right away.
During the photo check too, his lone break-dancing form is, elastic~. He just can’t help constantly moving.

A reliable person who voluntarily takes another under their care.
Not just adults, as long as it’s a person, it should weigh on your mind.
Within SHINEE, the leader is Onew. Speaking of image, the father, the patriach, etc I guess. (laugh)

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