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Saturday, November 5, 2011

[FA] 111105 OnTae having dinner in London

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In London, SHINee stayed in one of the most luxurious hotel named Corinthia hotel. Finally Taemin came out from the hotel with a girl, suspected that she is a coordi noona.When that girl said “Oppa”, then Taemin said ‘Annyeong” to her who’s waiting for SHINee outside of the hotel.

These fangirls stalked Taemin and Onew wherever they go. Taemin and Onew wore a black coat. Apparently, Taemin and Onew went for dinner at a restaurant. Onew and Taemin just stopped in front of “Pizza Hut” ! This fangirl just walked behind Onew, she called “Onew Oppa”. But there is no reaction from him. Then she’s shouting “Onew……” but it just same, Onew didn’t give any respone to her. She moved behind Taemin and she’s shouting “Onew…. and grabbed Taemin’s elbow” >.< She handed Taemin a bag and said “this is for you!” then Taemin smiled a bit weak, he nodded and said “Thank You!” ^^;; Taemin and Onew looked really tired at that time. );

Taemin and Onew went to the Burger restaurant. They sat on the first floor. OnTae took off their coat. They were wearing white T-shirts. There is a Korean fan in the same restaurant where OnTae had dinner. The fangirl asked if she could take some pictures of Taemin and Onew. When that Korean fan asked for permission to take a picture of them, Onew waved and didn’t allow her because their make up didn’t look good. OnTae had finished eating their burger. They got ready to go back in the hotel. They left a lot of food on the table. Apparently, the Korean fan who had a conversation with Onew is one of the noona from SHINee fansite. >< SHINee will go back to Seoul at 9:00 pm (London time).

Source/Credits: zzzzzzHeng
posted/Translation by: shawol_indo
edited by : Mr.Minho@SWM
shared by : nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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