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Monday, June 20, 2011

SHINee official start pre fluorescent stick for Taipei Concert

A concert in Taipei to attend SHINee friends want to live together in concert waving light sticks, but they do not know where to buy, and now avex official website of the official concert held in Taipei, fluorescent stick pre registration!

Take a look at “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI OFFICIAL GOODS” Event Description:

Friends fans you SHINee World day of the concert in order to save your valuable time
Let us also expected to advance the needs of all of the fluorescent bar avex official website is now organized by the Taipei concert pre-order the official registration of fluorescent stick!

“SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” concert will begin official registration of fluorescent rods futures
1 Registration Date: June 20, 2011 (a) until 03:00 pm on June 27, 2011 (a) ending 12:00
2. Registration Website: avex taiwan official website “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” concert official website fluorescent stick
3 Light Stick Price: NT $ 200 yuan each tentative whole (physical commodities subject to prior sale site has not been determined because the actual price avex reserves the right to the final price, thank you for your support and cooperation)
4 Registration Buy:

    If you are not a member of avex taiwan’s official website, we recommend that you please get back to avex taiwan home, in the official party line “Member Center” and complete all required to join members of the basic information, then enter “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI “concert will be the official website for pre-order fluorescent stick (if you are already a member of the official website can be used directly to your member account to the next step)

    When you have added avex taiwan official website member, you can point into the page: “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” fluorescent rods official concert website login ID and password to complete member can be pre-order! Please click required quantity (per member account to purchase two fluorescent rod limit), press the Enter key, the next page there will be a group of your own “order number”, print this web page, or send us your order confirmation e-mail letter, print, or write down the “order number” should be saved. Note: Order number and letter, are not a replacement MAIL, in order not to undermine the rights that you have pre registered, please be sure to fill in the membership data of MAIL and correct personal information in order to spot check.

    July 16, 2011 (f) show the day “before the performance starts,” please hold “order number” and the members of my “identity documents” (passport / identity card / driving license / insurance card may, on behalf of the buyer can hold registration Member I of the “identity documents” on behalf of the buy) to the Taipei Arena, the venue “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” official concert merchandise booths star pay for exclusive pre-order counters, detailed way to sell and service time will be announced.

    As the number of your appointment we will schedule your day of the show to buy “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” official concert fluorescent sticks, so please also make an appointment the same day to the number of purchase, if the date of registration does not come to buy Member, avex right to refuse to participate in the next pre-order your activities, please participate in this concert will be the official pre-order registration fluorescent stick to live within its means, just a booking number they need to. In addition, if the selling activities encounter irresistible factors, including natural disasters, major accidents or other factors that forced cancellation of the sale, when, avex taiwan members will retain the right to confirm the appointment and acceptance of the right order or not, thank you for your support and cooperation.

    The pre registration only, “the official concert fluorescent stick” products, and other “SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI” concert will be the official star of the types of goods and selling for more time will be announced, please note that avex taiwan official website, AKPOP love Korean music blog, avex taiwan Facebook announcement

    If in the pre registration process, lead to system problems encountered can not determine whether the order was established, or after completion of pre registration is not received within one hour the system sent the order confirmation e-mail, mail grateful to the following mail query, we customer service staff will reply to your query as soon as possible. “”

Source: avex official website

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