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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

110607 FANACCOUNT Minho - Dream Team Recording


Today was a super tiring day! This was the first time I felt so tired. I wonder how dream team crew can set up an obstacle stage as big as that! Once I reached there, I feel like going home.

It started at 5 instead of 4 as stated.

There were a lot of groups of fans. Small children and mothers all went to see and support minho! But there were not enough seats for everyone! Some children had to sit on their fathers to see minho! When minho was going to challenge, alot of kids requested him to piggyback them (: Of cos there were a lot of fans for him, the screams and cheering for him were the loudest amongst all!

During filming, minho will practise alone the obstacles, Or will go to the emcee seat and sit wif kim byeong jin. It was awful because he failed his first time! But in the end he won first! (YAYY!) He tried the hardest for today! It had been a long time since he went on to DT, if he didnt win he will regret it so much!

When he failed, all the audience sighed. However minho managed to calm everyone down. (he has grown to be so matured!) Although he ran like he was flying the first time, he lost. He was so fast that the camera couldnt catch him!

Alot of girls from other countries came to DT, and alot wanted to take pictures with him. Minho’s popularity was rising to the top that day! It was like a take-a-photo-with-minho day!

There were so much people that filming was very careful. Luckily it ended safely. But the happiest was that MINHO MANAGED TO CLINCH FIRST PLACE!
:) Will watch that episode. Minho, youre the best! :)

Credit: Source: MRMINHO 来源:AURA 翻译:shinie 制图:sea
Translated by: minho-cifer

ad.~nuha <3 bb~

1 comment:

  1. seriously on DT Asia,minho won FIRST over all the male???did he won over Kim Byeongman ahjussi too???wowwww~ truly my oppa!!!how is Taeminnie?????????

    MINHO oppa always my oppa forever!!!!go SHINee!!